Movie Quotes from Defending Your Life: Quotes from the movie Defending Your Life

#1. How about you, sir….how did you die? #2. On stage, like you!

…and you didn’t want to toot your own horn.

1) Do you have a jacuzzi in your room? 2) No…you? 1) …uhh…no it’s not IN my room, it’s in my bathroom….in fact it might not even be a jacuzzi, I think it’s just HOLES in the tub!

1) Do you have a jacuzzi in your room? 2) No…you? 1) …uhh…no it’s not IN my room, it’s in my bathroom….in fact it might not even me a jacuzzi, I think it’s just HOLES in the tub!

1. I’m Prince Valiant! Who are you? 2. Dinner.

Actually there is no hell. Although I hear L.A. is getting very near.

DANIEL: What are you eating?
DIAMOND: You wouldn’t like this.
DANIEL: I’m curious, what is it?
DIAMOND: Good, you’re curious, I like that! Wanna try?
DANIEL: Yeah, it looks so weird.(spitting out food) Oh my god!
DIAMOND: A little like horseshit!

DIAMOND: I use 48 percent of my brain. Do you know how much you use?
DANIEL: I use 3 percent of my brain? Then I’m the dunce of the universe!

Do we all have to hear that?!

Gee, try not to show the 750 first, now my car looks like a turd.

Guide: Good afternoon and welcome to Judgment City, You just had quite a long journey. So, for now sit back and relax. Considering the transformation you just made, you really won’t have any choice. Even though this isn’t the Earth, our surroundings should seem very familiar and pleasing to you. For example, how many like to play golf? You’re not able to get your hands up just yet, but good, there are three championship golf courses.

how many days you looking at?

How much do you have to give? What’s the total?

I died pissed.

I present to you… BIG BEAR.

I was driving to work this morning thinking I will be here, in two months, it will be 10 years and your’e like my real family, isn’t that tragic? I got a call from my mother this morning wishing me a happy birthday hinted around the fact that I wasn’t making enough money, if you’ll call are you still making that same salary honey a hint. And my ex-wife used to say the same thing, only she nevr used the word honey. So, maybe in 3 years I can double my income? (Good luck!)4 years? So your’e great people to work with, this is a great present and I wish I can squeeze you all into one pretty woman, and if you’d like to go to my office, ill try, thank you, thanks a lot

Little brains….it’s what we like you call you people.

Nine Days!

Nine days? You better have more sake.

Sign in Judgment City: Judgment City’s OLdest Nightclub- The Tropicana- Dining, Dancing, Entertainment- 2 Blocks west of Defender’s Circle.

So, the moral of this story is folks, if you gotta fart, go outside.

Something’s coming.


That was life, oo ah, that’s how you lived it and now you little brains are here to defend it. I know you’re gonna do just swell, if not, you’ll go to hell.(singing). I’m just kidding.

Waitress: Good morning!
Daniel: Good morning
Daniel: So what’s good here?
Waitress: Everything we have is sensational
Daniel: How’s the cheese omlette?
Waitress: Sensational
Daniel: I’ll take it and some orange juice
(Waitress returns)
Daniel: This was’nt made for someone else was it?
Waitress: No, it was made just for you
Daniel: That fast?
Waitress: Fast and delicious! Eat all you want!

welcome to the Past Lives Pavillion

You like pies? Ima gonna bringa you nine pies!

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