Movie Quotes from Dead Presidents: Quotes from the movie Dead Presidents

1) Shit! 2) What? 1) Motherfucker made me lose a pack of cigarettes. 2) A pack of cigarettes? (laughs) I thought you were worried about your leg or something. 1) What, and that’s shit’s funny to you? 2) (stops laughing abrupty) naw,it aint funny..

Ain’t that a groove.

Don’t you ever, in your life, bite the hand that feeds you.
See ya, Santa Claus.

Fuck you man that shit smells like a sac full’a assholes.

I gonna get high, and get my dick sucked. (speaks vietnamese to the women) Big dick. Big. can you handle it?

I got the feelin’.

I want to go back.

I was born by the pussy and Ill die by the pussy

I’d rather eat cat shit off a Knit needle, than to put their damn sons thru college anthony!

I’ll be around.

Just my imagination.

Keep on pushing.

Never gonna give you up.

No bad habits, Ma. Except for a little killing.

Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.

Smiling faces.

Walk on by.

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