Movie Quotes from Dead Reckoning: Quotes from the movie Dead Reckoning

–Say, when you get on again as a professor at some college and I’m back running my cab in St. Louis, send me a problem in algebra once in a while.
–Blonde or brunette?
–A redhead in a sloppy-joe sweater.

–You know, the trouble with women is they ask too many questions. They should spend all their time just being beautiful.
–And let the men do the worrying.

Didn’t I tell you all females are the same with their faces washed?

I didn’t want any part of her, but I kept smelling that jasmine in her hair, and I wanted her in my arms. Yeah…I knew I was walking into something.

If you shoot, baby, you’ll smear us all over the road.

It looked like feeding time at the zoo…all you needed was money to start with and bicarbonate to finish wit

Maybe she was all right, and maybe Christmas comes in July. But I didn’t believe it.

You killed him, why lie?

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