Movie Quotes from Dead Pool, The: Quotes from the movie Dead Pool, The

–Do you like cops?
–Only when they are not behind my rear-view mirror.

1/_You locked yourself in, asshole!
2/_Yeah, just you and me, asshole!

2. First Johnny Squares, Then Molly Fisher, Now Nolan Kennard. Like I said Harry, Celebrities, they always die…

1. In threes, yeah.

2. Yeah, but at least he went out with..

1. A Bang, I know.

2. What’s that?

1. I don’t know, looks like the wheels off a toy or something.

[bad-guy is nailed in the chest with a harpoon]____1/_Where’s Rook?
2/_He’s hangin’ out back there

Andy Warhol said everybody’s famous for 15 minutes.

Better know the rules, love.

Celebrities always die in threes.

Clint: your out of bullets…and you know what that means…Your shit out of luck.(shoots him with the harpoon gun)

Don’t mess with me, buddy or I’ll kick you so hard you’ll have to unbutton your collar to shit!!!

He stole my nightmares and made them real….!

Hotel Satan.

I’m not some dog-and-pony act.

It’s not a rip-off, it’s an homage!

Maybe I can get your grand-daddy to paint me up

Maybe I’ll start my own dead pool–and put you on it.

She’s right…. Oh, you can set yourself into a bonfire, we’ll break out the marshmallows and the weenies, but you ain’t gonna be on News at Eleven

We’re your bodyguards.

Welcome To The Jungler.

When I told you to stop wrecking our cars, I didn’t mean go out and find something else to destroy!

You forgot your fortune cookie.

You’re out of bullets. And you know what that means…You’re shit outta luck.

You’re outta bullets….and you know what that means, you’re shit outta luck!

You’re outta bullets….and you know what that means…… you’re shit outta luck!!!

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