Movie Quotes from Cujo: Quotes from the movie Cujo

1)Can he get us in here? 2)No. 1)Can he eat his way in here? Can he? 2)No. 1)I wish he would die. 2)Me too.

fuck u dog


I don’t give a shit!

I got you a present, Joe. You give me one too, okay? I want to go away for a week…with Brett…to visit my sister in Connecticut.

Nope…nothing wrong here !

over, done with, gone

the movie cujo is a very fine movie.

Vic: Monsters, stay out of Tad’s room! You have no business here. No monsters in Tad’s closet. Where else? Tad: Under the bed. Vic:Ok. No monsters under Tad’s bed. You cannot fit under there. No monsters outside Tad’s window. You can’t hold on out there. Ok? They have no business here.

Vic:What is it, Tad?/ Tad:I don’t want you to go away…/ Vic: Well, I’ll be back–I’ll be back in ten days./ Tad:But I don’t want to go to day camp./ Vic:Well, why don’t you give that another day or two, alright!?/ Tad: Who’s gonna say the moster words; mommy don’t know ’em./ Vic: C’mere. Uh, see, Tad, the thing about the monster words is that they’re written down. Yeah, that’s the only way your dad can know them so I’ll tell you what I’ll do; I’ll write them down for you and tack them on your bedroom wall and….that way your mom can read them for you./ Tad: Really?/ Vic: Really. I promise–I’ll write them down for you tonight…….I love you, Tad.

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