Movie Quotes from Color Purple, The: Quotes from the movie Color Purple, The

‘Til you do right by me, everything you do gone fail!

…and you can stay alllll day…all day.

..What chu gonna do? Hire yo’self out to farm? Or maybe dey let chu work on the railroad

1) She’ll be back. Shug got talent and she can sing. She got spunk. She can go anywhere and talk to anyone. But what you got, huh? You ugly, you skinny, you shaped funny, ain’t nobody foolish enough to marry you. All you fit to do is be Shug’s maid! Maybe take out her slop jar and maybe cook her food, but you that good of a cook anyway. 2) She’s a lot better off than that first wife you married 1) And this house ain’t been clean good since my first wife died! What you gonna do, hire yourself to farm? Maybe someone let you work on their railroad. 2) Maybe, Maybe SWEEP OUT THE CABOOSE!

1) This life be over soon. Heaven lasts always. 2) Girl, you oughta bash Mister’s head open and think about heaven later!

1) What could I do if I couldn’t talk to you? 2) We can write 1) Can you read good enough? 2) I Can’t say I do 1) I’ll just have to go to school for the both of us. 2) Then I’ll learn real hard before he break us apart.

1) Where’s Celie? 2) Home Fixin’ to shave Mister!

1) Would you like to work for me, be my maid? 2) Hell, no. 1) What did you say? 2) HELL, NO! 3) What did she say?

1) You his wife? 2) yes, Ma’am 1) How’d he die? 2) On top of me.

1. It’s so many of them. What’z us gonna do? 2. Sort by the post mark.

1. Over my dead body!
2. You’re satisfied that’s what you want?

1. What’s her name? 2. Pauline, but I’z call her Olivia. 1.Why’z you call her Olivia when dat ain’t her name? 2.Well, look at dim eyze…only somebody old would have eyze like dat, so I’z call her Ol’-livia…

1. What’s systematic?
2. If you kinda like … when you have a way of doing stuff and you do it the same every time, kinda like how we hang the sheets and we hang them first so we can put the socks in the cracks.
1. Aha.

A woman like Sophia thinks too much of herself. Needs to be taken down a peg or two.

All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy, I had to fight my uncles, I had to fight my brothers. Girl child ain’t safe in a family of mens. But I ain’t never thought I had to fight in my own HOUSE!

Beat her.

Can’t even keep a oven hot. You Useless sometimes!

Cut me I kill you!

Dear God…

Don’t do it ms. Sealy, don’t trade places with me…I sit in that jail cell til i nearly rot to death…he ain’t worth it.


Everything youve done to me, Ive already done to you.


Harpo my man!

HARPO!! Who dis woman?

I can’t let you have Nettie. She too young. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you have Celie. She the oldest anyhow, she ought to marry first. She ain’t fresh, but I spects you know that. She’s spoiled. Twice. Celis is ugly but she ain;t no stranger to hard work. God done fixed her. You can do anything you want to do with her and she ain’t gonna make you feed it. But Nettie, you flat out can;t have, not now, not never.

I don’t how to fight. All I know how to do is stay alive.

I don’t wanna smell no god damn sticking pipe, Albert!

I done fixed it…so I can tell if it be messed wit.

I gotta go to school.

i gotta go to skool

I heard she got the nasty woman’s disease.

I just stand back and I wait to see what the wall gonna look like. See what kind of colors Shug’s gopnna put on there now.

I know you think i am dead, but I am not.

I may be poor, black, and made to be ugly. But dear God, I’m here! I’m here!

I Never asked you for anything! Not even your Sorry ass hand in marraige!

I said HELL NAW.

I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.

I wanna thank you Miz Celie. For everything you done for me. I remembers that day i was in the store with Miss Millie. I was feeling real down, i was feeling mighty bad. And when I seen you, I known there is a God. I Known there is a God. And one day I was gonna get to come home.

I’s Married Now! I Said I’s Married Now!

I’sa gettin’ real tired of this here cat!

I’ve seen my baby girl. I know it was her. She look just like me and my daddy, like more us than us is ourself.

It sho is good to see ya’ll back together again.

It’s gon’ rain on yo’ head!

Just who do you think you are, you black slob?!?

Kettle. K-E-T-T-L-E…Kettle
Mister. M-I-S-T-E-R…period

Leave me alone…Leave me alone here take my kids gets dem safe

looks like a fist print to me

Me and You us never part-MAKI-DA-DA..Me and You us never part-MAKI-DA-DA..Aint no ocean, aint no sea-MAKI-DA-DA..Keep my sister ‘way from me

Miss Ceelie, I feels like singin!

Miss Celie’s Blues

Miss Celie, you has my sympathy. Ain’t too many women would allow they husband’s ho to lay up in they house.

Mister. M-I-S-T-E-R period.

My God, the dead has arisen.

My pa loves me. my pa still love me, except he don’t know it.


Next time he come by, I mix a little Shug Avery pee in his glass…see how he likes that!


Not if he my man, you just a big ol heffer, ha ha hah!

Nothing but death can keep me from here!!!

Nothing but death could keep me from it!

See daddy sinners have souls too.

see daddy, sinners got soul too

See Daddy, sinners got soul too.

See Daddy, sinners got souls too.

She black as tar, nappyheaded, all her chillun got different daddies. And I heard she got that nasty woman’s disease.

She can catch a fish w/o dah fish net

Sofia beat on Harpo, then Harpo beat on Sofia, and Sofia beat on Harpo some more. In between the beatings the children kept coming. Til one day Sofia just could take it anymore.

Sophia (laughing): Oh, Ms. Sophia home, now. Ms. Sophia home!

Sophia, Sophia, that sho is a pretty name

The dead has arisen!

The jail you plan for me is the one you’re gonna rot in.

The Road Approaches! The Road Approaches!

The world is changing,it is no longer a world for just boysand men

This Grady. He’s my husband. Us been driving all night. No place to stop, you know, but here us is!

Til’ you do right by me, everything you think abouts gonna crumble.

Until you do right by me, everything you think about gonna fail

Why Miss Celie you still a virgin.

Y’all don’t even know me no more.

you betta mash mista over the head and think about heaven later

You better not never tell nobody but God. It’ll kill your mama.

You gawn let dat nappy head gal talk ta yah like that?

You sho’ is ugly !

You sure is ugly!!

You told Harpo to beat Me!!!!

You told Harpo to beat me…All my life I had to fight, had to fight my brothers, had to fight my uncles,had to fight my daddy, girlchild ain’t safe in a house full of menfolks, but i never thought i’d see the day when i had to fight in my own house…I love me some Harpo, lord knows i doooo, but i’ll kill him dead fo’ i let him beat me…

This side last a lil while ms. sophia, heaven last always…

Seleay you betta bash mister’s head open and think bout heaven later.

You told Harpo to beat me..All my life i had to fight my daddy, fight my uncle, a woman ain’t safe in her own home. I loves Harps God knows i do, but i KILLEM’ DEAD

You ugly, you sho’ is ugly!

You’re a low down dirty dog. That what’s wrong. It’s time for me to get away from you and enter into creation and your dead body be just the welcoming mat I need.

Your nothin’ but a big fat heifer, ha ha ha!

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