Movie Quotes from Colors: Quotes from the movie Colors

#1 Hey, you know if you cut me half the slack as you do the rest of those assholes, I might just owe you one. #2 I have!…You do!

–You ain’t got nothing on me!
–I got handcuffs on you.

1>Hey man I’m a fuckin visitor!
2>Yeah, well now you’re a resident.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Call my hwife…Call my wife…Just let me catch my breath…Let me catch my breath.

curled up like baby with a big dick

Don’t tell me you don’t know the bitches in the hood. Big strong buck like yourself.

Everywhere I go.


F*ck the Crips, eh, they die!

Felipe got all fucked up on PCP

Fuck you Packman

Have you ever heard of earl Scheib, homes?

Hey, Blood!

I don’t f*ck with juice. This is just weed. Pee-wee f*ck with that stupid sh*t.

I got more time than money.

Jumbo shrimp. That’s a contradiction.

No mercy, Isnt that what you write on the walls?

No way Homes

Officer down!

Rocket don’t joke and Rocket don’t smoke; Rocket peel the cap of a n*gga.

Rocket don’t smoke and rocket don’t choke, yo rocket put tha cap on tha nigga

Roket’s gonna pop it and no one’s stop it look what I got to rock your nut’s of

Taking out slobs that is our jobs, and if you think we’re the Crips well you hit it on the knob.

There’s always gonna be gangs. There’s always gonna be fighting. Always was and always is. You can’t stop it, man, that’s just life. See these our my homeboys, vato. I love them and they love me back, man. Mi barrio es el primero. You expect me to walk away from that. No way, man. No f*cking way.

They hate you!

You owe me one.

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