Movie Quotes from Collateral Damage: Quotes from the movie Collateral Damage

–Claudio is now a man consumed by hate. Just like you.
–I’m not like him.

–Hey, sell me your pass so I can work the zone.
–Would you stick a sock in it, Jolly Green? I’m just a wrench for hire.

–If you keep working with him, then you are no better than he is.
–What would you have me do?
–Help me stop him.

–What’s the difference between you and I?
–The difference is…I’m just going to kill you.

–When are you going to kill me?

–Why are you taking care of me?
–You saved my son.
–And your husband killed mine.

Don’t even look at those guys unless you can kill ’em.

I’ll show you collateral damage!

I’m trusting you with my life…and my son.

It’s like ordering pizza. You ask for Canadian Bacon, you end up with
a German sausage.

You two make quite a team. A fireman and a refugee. Sounds like a T.V. show.

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