Movie Quotes from Click: Quotes from the movie Click

Ammer: Anyway the sooner you… get back to… work the sooner you… be partnerised. I taste shit. Michael Newman: you do? Ammer: Stacy did you put shit in my lunch? oh.

Apparently when you combine yodels with large quanities of cough syrup you get acid.

do you have a unverisal remote? for what? for a tv no but we have one for a blanket you have a remote for a blanket look man im sorry i don’t even work here im just wanting for my friends your kidding me? yea actually i don’t have any friends would you be my friend?

Even the office slut can be abused to sexaul harrassment not naming any names Stacy

hey keep it down man everyone’s asleep why don’t you go do the humpty dup thing on the dog

I taste shit!

i want my wobbies

I’m gonna rock your world.

It’s my Flap and I can do whatever I want to

kisees the remote i love you i love you too

MN: When did you get boobs? DN:Ha…The same time you did, Dad.

Morty: (seeing the remote in Michael’s pants) Is this a stick-up, or are you just happy?

News Report from the future: “Britney Spears had her 23rd baby today. Proud papa Kevin Federline is now considering getting a job. Also, Michael Jackson, the first man ever to clone himself is now suing himself for molesting himself.”

no one is laughing at you micheal you said you wanted a unversial remote to cotrol the unvirse yea but what controls my unverise?

oh your father stero blows thats to bad

Sam at 14: would you please stop yelling it’s so embarrising!

Stacy Did you put Shit in my Lunch?

That’s not wrestling that’s something else, you shouldn’y now until 10 for you and 30 for you

twinke you don’t need it but you do need a yodal

we have a song? oh yea our song what was our dam song? linger by the cranberies was playing while we had a jucy kiss and you look beautiful in that sweater oh honey you remember what i was wearing yea i remember what you were wearing i remember what jeanie was weaing she scared the shit out of me i love you i love you too


where am I? your at bed and beyond sir i watched you sleep sounds like you had a crazy dream micheal looks in the mirror im young well not techinally sir i mean im young no im young hey you said you wanted a friend

Who the hell is Dr. Berman

Will you still love me in the morning?

will you still love me in the morning? forever and ever babe

Would you stop that already

you don’t want to get the hulk angry oh look its barney i love you you love me the jogger had some big boobies

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