Movie Quotes from Client, The: Quotes from the movie Client, The

#1 We only take injuries here. #2 Well I guess I’ll go out and get hit by a truck and then come back.

(1)I have been sober for three years.
(2)Yeah right, that’s what all the drunks say, how they’re gonna get sober and all. They even say they love you but they don’t. And then they come home wasted and beat on you and your mother so bad that you gotta hit ’em in the face with a baseball bat!

– Where’s your mama?
– Where’s yours?

–Mark, get in the car.

-Thanks, Reverend Roy. You’ve been a real pain in the ass.
-Thank you, son. I can assure you, you have been an even larger pain
in the ass.

-You like Led Zepplin?
-Yeah. Do you like Led Zepplin?
-Oh, sure. They were a great band.

-You’ve been awful busy, Reggie, obstruction of justice, tampering with federal evidence,…contributing to the delinquency of a minor,
you’ve been real busy.
-Oh, Roy, I am so flattered that you noticed!

I need a cigarette. Where do you keep the cigarettes around here?

Alls I ever wanted was a white house with a walk-in closet.

Cos I’m older, stoopid!

Dead men don’t sweat now do they?

He is just a client, isn’t he?

I don’t want a lawyer, I hate lawyers. Every lawyer we had just shafted me and my mom. I said I need a lawyer

I’ve been sober for three years.

I’ve come to see Mr. Bill… Where are your parents? Where are yours? Are you even injured? Do I look injured? Well we ONLY do injuries… Well, I’ll just go get hit by a truck and come back…

Is walk-in hyphenated?

mark: i don’t want a lawyer,
i hate lawyers,
every lawyer ever had just shafted me and my mom
i said i need a lawyer
i dont know bout no woman

One child, in jail.

Secretary: Are you injured? Mark: Do I look injured to you? Secretary: Well we only do injuries. Mark: Well, I’ll just go get hit by a truck and come back!

The court declared me unfit.

What wanton hubris is this?

What’s the cloak and dagger all about, Reggie? You know you can trust

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