Movie Quotes from Claudine: Quotes from the movie Claudine

Black men have made great contributions, Fredrick Douglas, W.E.B Dubuois. To bad you didn’t get Knocked up by any of them.

Claudine not doing well, well you tell her I’m not singing for joy myself. You tell her yourself you son of a bitch

It’s a nice building, you get a bett class of cockroaches.

It’s a nice building, you get a better class of cockroaches.

It’s gonna end up being Chicken anyway!

Whe you go to bed tonight, take a look at Charlene’s tits. Good night Grandma!

You know why i avoided success? Success brings enemies and I want people to love me.

You may be a black brotha, but this here’s a black mother and if you don;t tell her where her son is, one black brotha is gonna get his ass kicked by a big African.

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