Movie Quotes from Class Action: Quotes from the movie Class Action

–She used to like ice cream.
–She used to like you.

…..And if you so much as LOOK in my daughter’s direction, they won’t even be able to identify you from your dental records

1. 1941. Kempler v Walden. Issue? Come on, issue! 2. I haven’t the vaugest idea. 1. The court ruled that children have the right to sue their parents for non-performance.

1. Did it ever occur to you that I might be a very good attorney? 2. Well, you’d damn well better be, I raised you. 1. No, Mother raised me. You had a date.

1. Does it matter to her that these cars are blowing up? No. Does it matter to her that babies are being killed? No. Does she care that she’s in bed with the vilest kind of corporate vermin? I’m talking to you! 2. No, you’re not! You’re talking to the jury!

1. Michael, please! This is the partnership express! I deserve this! 2. Look, okay! Okay! I want you on this one, there’s no question. But there’s a problem. 1. What? 2. The plaintiff’s attorney is your father.

1.Jedediah Tucker Ward for the prosecution.
2. Margaret Ward for the defense.

1/_For the plaintiff… Jedediah Tucker Ward
2/_For the defence… Margaret Eleanor Ward
3/_ Well.. I’m certainly glad I won’t be at your house for the holidays

[watching film of a car crash] There’s gunna be damage… ’til we can figure out a way to make cars bounce

Can’t fight fate.

Finally! Words fail the great Jedediah Tucker Ward.

I promised Mom once we would dance.

I’m a professional killer…I’m a lawyer.

If you don’t know me by now.

If You Don’t Know Me By Now___ by___ Simply Red

In one fell swoop you took away the woman I admired, the mother I knew and the father I believed in.

judge, after the opposing lawyers introduce themselves in court: well, I’m glad I’m not going to be at your house for the holidays!

The only thing you cared about the huddled masses was standing on their bending backs.

There were 242 people that worked on this car, that means there are 242 chances for you people to do something right!

Your lifelong ambition is to be his exact mirror image. The opposite of everything he is. Except you don’t know what he is, so you don’t know who you are.

[Tagline] Nothing Personal… It’s just father vs daughter in the fight of their lives

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