Movie Quotes from Class Act: Quotes from the movie Class Act

Asian man in broken english: Ohh, thats a herra truck

BLAZE:im mean yeah fool

Dad, we’ve been through this before. I’m just expressing myself aerodynamically.

Duncan: Mom, dad, this is my friend Bade Brown.
Duncans Dad: Blade, thats your name?
Blade: Dad, is that yours?

I’m gonna puke up nasty chicken grease,corn oil and bacon fat!I’m gonna puke just thinkin of pukeing!

U Can’t Handle This.

Unfortunatly, I’ve got things to see and people to do.

wedge:blade brown your ass is MIND!

Yo Damita, I thought you was gon play with my frog.

You dont be hittin’ on a girl…You be hittin’ on a bitch!

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