Movie Quotes from Champ, The: Quotes from the movie Champ, The

(boy praying): dear champ, i promise i won’t cry so much any more and i won’t bother your horse and i won’t get sad and i won’t bother you when you’re with your lady friend.

1. listen boy, if that horse kicks you then you scratch his eye out, hear me?
1. now i gotta get ready for a big fight, i promise you that you will never cry again starting this instant!

1. TJ, come over here and let daddy show you how to puch a horse
2. *excitedly* CHAMP! CHAMP!
1. boy, i told you not to touch your eye with the edge of a paper sheet
2. Champ!
1. now i gotta go punch a man as hard as i can and after that we can go for a ride on my new horse! won’t that be fun?
2 Champ Champ!!

Boy: Champ! Champ! why are you laying down on that lady? Is your bed too small?
Champ: You cry like a little baby
Boy: Champ Champ
Champ: Oh christ, my eye.

Champ! Champ!

Champ: Boy either put this knife in my eye or i’ma gonna run you over with a bulldozer
Ricky S: Champ, Champ!
Champ: Ouch, Jesus, my eye!

Champ: Boy, I’m gonna fight that guy and he’ll kill me.
Boy: Champ Champ! Cry!

Champ: Boy, that hot oil is very hot
Boy: Champ?
Champ: Pour it in my eye, boy, or you’ll be crying like a little baby
Boy: Champ! Champ!
Champ: Jesus, my eye!

dear champ, i am asleep. please leave any messages in my jesus box. thank you.

hi, i am the champ. yes that’s right, jon voigt here. lissen up, don’t worry, i can still punch out a horse and i can also tear up all the playaz and the gorillaz! ps. i drink alone

If you don’t eat a sandwich or else kill a horse with an eye poker you’ll probably have to life with your championmama. But now i’m dying.

Jon Voigt back atcha. lissen up, mr ‘preturbed’, i gotta do what a man does and that means i gotta be like a giant ape or a crotch and get stronger and stronger until i am the number one champion! not even the wolfman(TM) can touch that! sure i dranked up some whiskey and i drank some other fluids which i cleaned up with alcohol, but why should it make you so angry?! get back to work!!

mommy, my ear is full of champ getting punched to death.

Why did you have to die champion? We had it all lined up to be the greatest horse boxing father-son team of all the world when instead you got dead. now i gotta rub up on ladies in a subway car. you are dead.

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