Movie Quotes from Chances Are: Quotes from the movie Chances Are

1) What did you do that for? 2) He’s trying to kill me. 3) He’s completely out of shape, in his heart attack years, you could have killed him.

1) Yeah, right and I’m Cleopatra. 2) No…you fight like her though.

Alex, i’m old enough to be your mother…now go to your room!

He doesn’t want my money, He wants my body!

I haven’t done it in 23 years

I know you weren’t Cleopatra … I was.

I’m feeling generally …. attractive. Truth is … I’m so ripe I’m ready to fall off the vine.

I’m feeling generally …. attractive…. Truth is … I’m so ripe I’m about to fall off the vine.

Once again, I like someone of whom, for some inexplicable reason you don’t approve, so you order him out like some generalisimo. He’s not Daddy. Nobody is.

Philip … Oh Philip … if anything ever happened to you …

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