Movie Quotes from Chamber, The: Quotes from the movie Chamber, The

(1) They’re responsible for all that plagues the white man: AIDS, disease-(2) Killer bees. (1) Well they come from Africa don’t they? (2) South America, but it’s all the same to you.

-How much do you know about the death penalty?
-I’ve read everything there is.
-Then you know nothing.

If you spend half as much time trying to be a lawyer instead of trying
to be Dick Tracy, I might not be dead in five days.

Pretty good for poor white trash. How well I’ll be accepted after
everybody finds out I’m Hitler’s daughter is another thing.

Save me? You don’t look like you can save a turkey from Thanksgiving.


We come from a long line of hate.

You’re in Mississippi now, land of secrets. There are bodies buried

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