Movie Quotes from Chalk Garden, The: Quotes from the movie Chalk Garden, The

–I don’t care much for locks.
–Nevertheless, they’re the principal reason for whatever honesty still exists in our society today.

Answers to questions involving God must be carefully phased.

At our last meeting, I died. It alters the appearance.

Hate her? I’m afraid for her. More and more she’s the child I was.

Hurry, Maitland, is the curse of civilization.

Life without a room to oneself is a barbarity.

No thanks, I’ll pass. Alcohol in the middle of the day is exciting when you’re thirty, but disastrous at seventy.

People don’t kill reasonably. They kill unreasonably.

Simple kindness is so rare in this house that it’s instantly mistaken for passion.

Thanks for the compliment. Don’t expect one in return.

Well, at least age does give tone to certain things – violins, old wine, old friends to drink with.

When a flower dies in my garden, it hurts me as if a dear friend has died.

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