Movie Quotes from Carpool: Quotes from the movie Carpool

–He was a very annoying man.
–The gun man?
–No, the gun man was very polite.

–How come I never get to be the hostage?
–That’s because you’re a girl.
–Hey, girls can be hostages, too. I mean, we’re moving toward the
twenty-first century and girls can be whatever they want.

–I’d say you picked the wrong store to rob this time, pal.
–Excuse me, Lieutenant. But I am not robbing this store.
–Yeah, right. I suppose that’s a bag of donuts you got there, right?
–They don’t even serve donuts here. You should know that, you’re a cop.

–Soak it in cold water.
–Thank you very much, ma’am. And by the way, someone your age should
be a little more careful with a hand gun.
–Bite me!

–What adorable children.
–You want ’em? ‘Cause I’ll sell them to you real cheap.

–What are you doing?
–Driving into the back of a truck, Dan. You ever watch the A-Team?

–Where are your donuts?
–Sir, we’re a gourmet market.
–Okay, where are your gourmet donuts?

1- I’m not crazy.
2- I didn’t say you were.
1- I was tested, you know.
2- Well then, you obviously cheated

1:Come on,Chelsea ,we’re running a little late.2:Where’s Andrew’s mom?1:She’s sick.2:I’m not supposed to ride with strangers though!1:I’m Andrew’s father.2:But,I have no way in knowing that!1:Trust me.2:That’s exactly what a stranger would say.I’d like to see some identification!1:CHELSEA!2:MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!1:Here. 2:Ya know,you used to have a lot more hair. 1:Get in the van!2:Wait!Stop!I GETTING MOTION SICKNESS!STOP!

1:I am not I was tested
2: You cheated

And I met a man with a monkey heart.

Chelsea:You know,this is sort of the way my mom drives.

Hammerman’s, Kills Bugs Dead

hammermans kills bugs dead, hammermans your soaking in it

NAH NAH NAH…NAHNAHNAH…I wanna be sedated!

Oh, we won that lawsuit.

Ouch You Grabbed me 2. no I grabbed your shoulder that wasn’t my shoulder.

reach out, reach out and touch someone

The name’s Hammermann and I wouldn’t give you three.

Travis:I’m not weird. Mr. Andrews: I never said you were. Travis: I was tested ya know. Mr Andrews: Well then you obviouly cheated.

You’re a very cranky man. Do you have hemorrhoids? When my dad gets hemorrhoids he gets very cranky. He says its like having a pine cone stuck up your butt. I know what that feels like….I tried it once.

You’re forgetting one important piece of information.WE’RE ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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