Movie Quotes from Carrie: Quotes from the movie Carrie

–Where’ll I put it, Miss Collins? –You can choke on it for all I care. Just get it out of your mouth.

1. Carrie, was it one of the girls? Did one of the girls do something to you? 2. No. 1. Well, what is it then? You can trust me, you know that? 2. I got invited to the prom. 1. That’s wonderful! So, what are you moping around for? 2. Tommy Ross asked me. 1. That’s even better. He’s really cute, huh? 2. I know who he goes around with. They’re just trying to trick me again. I know.

1. Take that dress off. I can see your dirty pillows. 2. They’re called breasts, mama, and every woman has them.

1. The children are wandering through the valley of sin these days. 2. My Sue is a good girl. 1. These are Godless times, Mrs. Snell. 2. I’ll drink to that.

1. Tommy, why am I here? 2. Because it’s the prom. 1. No, I mean, why am I here with you? 2. Because I asked you. 1. Why’d you ask me? 2. I don’t know. Because you liked my poem… only I didn’t write it, someone else did.

1. We’ll pray 2. yes momma we’ll pray 1.We’ll pray for the last time!(stab kinf into carrie’s back. she falls down the satirs and her mother fallows.carrrie crawls away . to a kitchen conor. Her mother in the door way holds up the knif… then carrie telephicly stabes her mother with 7 kinfs)

1.We will talk no more, i’m leaving.2. Youi sit and talk to me momma.please talk to me! 1. You have the power of satien in you.2. It’s not satien momma. Other people can do it to i read about it. have satien’s power in must reform you must not use this power any more. We must not let the evial take like it took your father.2. oh momma every one know’s he ran of with a different woman.1.Quite 2. I’m going momma and your not going to stop me…

And Eve was weak, SAY IT! Say it woman, Eve was weak, Eve was weak, Eve was weak

and the first sin was intercourse

And the raven was called sin

Boy! (Laughs) The boys! Yes first comes the blood and then come the boys – like sniffing dogs

Carrie: [to her mother] I want to start living my own life now. I don’t like yours.

Carrie: Mama, who was that, who called?
Margaret: You’re a woman now.
Carrie: Why did’nt you tell me, Mama?
(Margaret smacks her with a bible. She falls to the ground, and Margaret opens the bible and starts reciting)
Margaret: And God made Eve from rigid air. And Eve was weak, and loosed the raven on the world. And the raven was called sin.
(Margaret looks at Carrie)
Margaret: Say it. The raven was called sin.
Carrie: Why did’nt you tell me, Mama?
(Margaret shows her the page and hits her with the bible)
Margaret: Say it.
Carrie: No, Mama.
(Margaret hits her again)
Carrie: And the raven was called sin!
Margaret: And the first sin was intercourse, first sin was intercourse.
Carrie: I didn’t sin, Mama.
Margaret: Say it.
(Hits her with bible again)
Carrie: I didn’t sin, Mama!
Margaret: First sin was intercourse, first sin was intercourse, first sin was intercourse.
Carrie: And the first sin was intercourse. Mama, I was so scared, I thought I was dying–
(Margaret slaps her with bible)
Carrie: –and the girls, they all laughed at me and threw things at me, Mama.
Margaret: And Eve was weak. Say it.
Carrie: No, mama!
Margaret: Eve was weak.
Carrie: No!
Margaret: Eve was weak. Say it, woman!
Carrie: No, Mama! No!
Margaret: Say it!
Carrie: Eve was weak, Eve was weak.
Margaret: And the Lord vested the curse. And the curse was that curse of blood!
Carrie: You should have told me, Mama! You should have told me!
Margaret: Oh, Lord!
(Grabs Carrie’s hands)
Margaret: Help this silly woman see the sin of her days and ways. Show her–that if she had remained sinless, this curse of blood would never have come on her. She may have been visited by the anti-Christ, she may have been committed by the son of lesser thoughts.
Carrie: No, Mama, no!
Margaret: Oh, don’t you lie to me, Carieta! Don’t you know by now I can see inside you, I can see the sin as surely as God can.
Carrie: Let me go, Mama. You’re hurting me.
Margaret: We’ll pray!
(pulling Car

Carrie: Mama? Mama, please say that I’ve got to, to try to get along with people better.
Margaret: What are you going on about, Carrie?
Carrie: I’ve been invited to the prom.
(Margaret, after a long pause)
Margaret: Prom?
Carrie: Yeah, you know, senior prom. Everybody’s goin–
Margaret: It was that teacher that called, wasn’t it?
Carrie: Please see that I’m not like you, mama, I’m funny. I mean, all the kids think I’m funny and I wanna be. I wanna be normal. I wanna–start to try me, a whole me, before it’s too late for me to–
(Margaret spashes her with tea, Carrie wipes it off)
Carrie: His name’s Tommy Ross and he’s a very nice boy, mama.
Margaret: No.
Carrie: And he’s promised to stop in and meet you and–
Margaret: I said no.
Carrie: –and he had me in my minute and I’ve accepted, mama.
Margaret: No, no, no, no!
Carrie: I’ve accepted it, mama, I accepted it!
Margaret: Come to your closet.
Carrie: No.
Margaret: After all you’ve been taught, Carieta!
Carrie: Everyone isn’t bad, mama! Everything isn’t a sin!
Margaret: Go to your closet and pray, ask to be forgiven.
Carrie: He’s a nice boy mama, you’d like him, you’d really like him, mama!
Margaret: The boys (laughing). The boys, yes, the boys.
(runs over to Carrie, covering her ears)
Margaret: After the blood, comes the boys. Like sniffing dogs. Women work and work to see what that smell is. Where the smell comes from. That smell…does he not know where they come from, God, I’ve seen it, all right. Oh, you’re not going.
Carrie: But I already said I would!
Margaret: Tell that boy you’re not goin’ or were gonna move from here!
Carrie: No.
Margaret: We’ll move from here and you’ll never see that boy again.
(walks towards window)
Margaret: The rain’s gettin’ in.
Carrie: Mama, please, mama!
Margaret: Go to your closet and pray.
Carrie: Mama, I’ll get him! Please sit and talk to me!
(windows shut, Carrie’s telekinesis)
Carrie: I’m going mama. And things are gonna change a

Come on, people. If you’re gonna quote a film, then quote it verbatim!
After the blood come the boys. Like sniffing dogs, grinning and slobbering and trying to find out what that smell is…what the smell is. That smell!

Creepy Carrie! Creepy Carrie!

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Carrie White has feelings? Did you ever stop to think? You were too busy thinking about your dates, and the prom.

Don’t lie to me CarrieAnne. I can see the sin inside you just as surely as God can.

Eat shit Carrie

Eve was weak…say it Carrie…Eve was weak

First comes the blood and then comes the men!

Git er done!

He’s not coming

Hit it to Carrie she’ll blow it!!

I pray you find Juses!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read about it on the internet

I said ‘Aw shucks’!

I should have killed myself when he put it in me.

If I concentrate hard enough, I can move things.

im not dome talking! things are ganna change around here! im going to the prom mama no matter what you say!

It gives me pimples, Momma.

it’s not satan

Keep yer tits on!

Margaret: Red. I might have known it would be red.
Carrie: It’s pink, mama.
(shows her mother the corsage)
Carrie: Look what Tommy gave me, Mama. Are’nt they beautiful?
(Margaret, referring to Carrie’s breasts)
Margaret: I can see your dirty pillows.
Carrie: Breasts, Mama. They’re called breasts. And every woman has them.
Margaret: Take off that dress.
Carrie: No.
Margaret: We’ll burn it together, and pray for forgiveness.
Carrie: No, mama.

No, I said no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO

Pimples are God’s way of chastising you.


Plug it up, plug it up, plug it up

Plug it up, plug it up, plug it up, plug it up, plug it up.

Punishment for skipping detention is three days suspension and refusal of your prom tickets!

Punishment for skipping detention is twos weeks suspension and the refusal of your prom tickets!

Someone open this doors!

The Devil has finally come home

The first time he put it inside me I should have killed myself, but I smelled the whisky on his breath & I liked it.

There called breasts momma, all the girls have them these days – they’re very fashionable

These are godless times Mrs Snell – well I drink to that!

They laughed at me mama!

They’re all going to laugh at you!

They’re all going to laugh at you. They’er all going to laugh at you.

they’re all gonna laugh at you!
(if you don’t know this oneyou should put a bullet in your head)

They’re all gonna laugh at you!

Watch it, you stupid shit! You’re getting blood all over the place!

We’re all very sorry, Cassie.

Well there still 10 minutes left.. stick em up your ass!

What are you doing Carrie?

saying my prayers momma

What are you doing Carrie? – Im saying my prayers momma

What are you going to leave for us, you people in your big cars, spewing pollution into the air? You people with heavy feet trampling down the wilderness. You people who peer into the back seats of our cars, hours after you come out of the back doors of your motels. Soon, all we will have is each other, and that could be enough. If you will let us have room enough, and air enough, and peace enough to love each other as you never could.

What’s she gonna wear? A sack cloth?

Why didn’t you tell me momma?

will you hurry up

Yes, ma’am. We’s doin’ the best we can. We really are, boss.

You can’t hit us! You’ll get canned for this, you bitch!

you eat s—

You’ll like him momma, he’s a really nice boy.

You’re a woman now

[After Carrie comes to the door, everything she has been levitating crashes, while Tommy stands at the door]
Tommy: Did your ceiling just collapse or something?
Carrie:[frightened voice]Yes, yes my ceiling just collapsed, just now.
Tommy: Can I see it?
Carrie: No.

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