Movie Quotes from Carpetbaggers, The: Quotes from the movie Carpetbaggers, The

1) What would you like to see on your honeymoon? 2) Lots and lots of ceilings.

As for this, I’ve seen it. Twice. You had good lighting and a bad director.

Didn’t I hold your hand like a schoolboy, never once touching you below the neck or above the knee? And in five minutes didn’t a coarse, middle-aged rum pot take you away from me and straight up to bed?

Get your hands the hell off that stick, kid!

He does have a tendency to get airsick.

Hey, Nevada, where’s your horse?

Let me take the stick for awhile.

Max Sand, ever hear of him? Cowboy father, Indian mother, grew up wild. Went after three outlaws who tortured and killed his parents. Gunned them down, one at a time. Bodyguard in a fancy house in New Orleans. Killed another man there. Went to a prison camp. Escaped. Robbed banks. He’d in Mexico. Satisfied. More women than a calvary regiment on leave. Wanted in six states. Then something happened. He hung up his guns, turned soft. Took a job as a companion to a boy with no mother, no father to speak of. Max Sand, ever hear of him?

My father didn’t like the way God handled the Creation.

That felt good. I’m going to try it again.

Watching you pack give me travel fever.

What are you trying to prove? That you’re a man? Well, a man is judged by what’s in his head, not in his bed.

You dirty, filthy, perverted monster! You are the meanest, cruelest, most loathsome thing I’ve ever met!

You really are completely no good!

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