Movie Quotes from Cannonball Run II: Quotes from the movie Cannonball Run II

–Friend or foe?

–I need a girl.
–Yeah, me too.

1.looks like we’ve got a couple of wise guys behind us 2.slow it down lets see how ballsy they are (lamborghini speeds past, laughing is heard) 1.thats a couple of great looking chicks 2. so much for the border let’s nail ‘um

Frank: How was the Halloween Party?
JJ & Victor: HaHa, What a guy

Here is to good luck! May it all be mine!

Shiek : [Fenderbaum directs the Shiek’s attention to the Cannelonis] Wingtips? Barbarians! Come, come!
Shiek : [the Shiek hands Caesar a handful of money] Buy yourself a decent clothing store. Infidels!
Blake : [the Shiek leaves] That was the moron.
Caesar : You know, these liars could be telling the truth.


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