Movie Quotes from Cannibal! The Musical: Quotes from the movie Cannibal! The Musical

(mocking)’Are there any more rivers between here and Bracken Ridge’,’Oh no, only the Colorado…’ The biggest f***ing river I’ve ever seen in my life!!

…a group of assholes, like yourselves, came through here.

…you stupid yank!

1)Hey, you guys remember when Swan was singing the Snowman song? How did he make that tapping noise with his feet? 2)YOU JUST NOW THOUGHT OF THAT?!! 1)It’s pretty fucking weird, don’t you think?

1.) He says… 2.) Who are you, assholes? 3.) Oh, he speaks English.

1.) I just wanna get in there & see what it feels like to…y’know…2.) What?

A SHEEP!…Yes!!(unzips pants)..NO NO…TO EAT! I know, I gotta take a piss.

And when his body stops twitching you’ll know…it’s the end of him, and the end of the show!


Ever been sitting around waiting to die?…YES I HAVE AS A MATTER OF FACT!

Ever been to Wyoming?

Fudge Packer?

Fudge, Packer?

He can have a happy face, happy smile, happy point of view, if you build me a snowman, then I’ll build one for YOU!

Hey guys…look (turns around to face them)…Abe Lincoln.

I can catch a helpless animal, skin it with my bare hands. I wake up muddy & I go to bed bloody cuz I’m a trappin’ man.

I got a chest of wonder & balls of thunder, I can break right through a wall!

I know what we should do!…WHAT?…Let’s build a snowman, we can make him our best friend. We can name him Shannon! Shannon Wilson Bell. We can make him tall or we can make him not so tall…(GUNSHOT)

I’ve got a thing to use, I know what to use it for!

If you can talk, you can sing!

Is there any Swan left? I want breakfast!

Let’s build a snowman we can make him our best friend, we can make him tall or we can make him not so tall, we can name him Shannon, Shannon Wilson Bell–(BANG!)

Let’s build a snowman, and make him our best friend!

Like your feather.

Maybe we will all get sick and maybe we’ll all die…SOOOOO let’s build a snowman we can make him our best friend, we can make him tall or we can make him not so tall, snowman.

My Paw was an elephant, but that’s irrelevant, my maw was an eskimo!

Nobody eat anybody!

Nobody move or…or I’ll eat this guy right in front of you!

Not butt!

Oh, no. It looks like Swan’s going to break out and do another song.

Perhaps I’m not the cold bitch I pretended to be.

Perhaps I’m not the cold bitch I pretended to be…


Swan! Shut the fuck up!

the brain of an antelope tastes like cantalope, what a yummy life.

The Lord works in mysterious ways…YOU DO REALIZE HOW STUPID THAT SOUNDS RIGHT NOW, DON’T YOU?…Yes, I do.

The sky is blue and all the leaves are green. My heart’s as full as a baked potato. I think I know precisely what I mean when I say it’s a schpedoinkal day.

The sky was a little more blue…when I was on top of you.

We just don’t wanna die…that’s all we’re asking for.

We were friends and friends don’t just take off.

We’re from Utah…you know, Utah. (points to the Book of Mormon) UTAH!

We’re not afraid of anything, we have Jesus on our side.

Weepwa, weepwa, seuro no hapo.

When things get really bad,and the world looks it’s darkest,you just have to throw up your hands, and say,WEll,alright!..cause it’s probably gonna get a whole hell of a lot worse

You ain’t southern boys!

You do not believe that we are…INDIANS?

You do not believe that we are…INDIANS? We have TEEPEES!

You put your feet in shoes!

You sonofabitch Humphrie!
But you haven’t even tried it yet!
(tastes Humphrie’s food)You sonofabitch Humphrie!

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