Movie Quotes from Cannonball Run, The: Quotes from the movie Cannonball Run, The

Of course you know certain sceptics note that perhaps 10,000 of the nations’s most elite highway patrolmen are out there waiting for us after we start, but let’s stay positively: Think of the fact that there’s not one state in the 50 that has the death penalty for speeding…although I’m not so sure about Ohio.

#1 Oooh, I gotta bless her. #2 No I’m sorry father she’s a Zen Buddah, and your not a Zen Buddah so you can’t bless her. #1 Oh, we specialize in blessing Zen Buddah’s!

#1 Victor, what do you got? #2 A lot of goodies for you guys, and a Big Gulp Dr. Pepper for me. (singing) I’m a Pepper, your a Pepper, he’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too! #1 Would you get in here!

#1 I’d like mine to be pink. Almost everything I wear is pink. #2 Everything? even… #1 Oh, I don’t wear any. #2 Wow!

#1 What about those 2, maybe one of those beauties could be our patient? #2 Both of them could be. #1 Wooof! #2 Mmmmm! I could be very patient with those patients! Very lickable…uh…very likeable.

1)Why’d he call me shortie? 2)Cause your small, small, S – M – all.

1. Oooh, JJ !! We got a … 2. Flat. 1. And those priests… 2. …weren’t fathers, they were… 1. Mothers !

1. oooh, nice car, father ! 2. thank you, asshole.

1: We got a secret weapon. God is our co-pilot!
2: God is our co-pilot? Remember our car?
1: Yeah?
2: Two seats!
1: Two seats…?
2: Where’s he gonna sit? Where?

1: Why’d he call me Shorty?
2: ‘Cause you’re small. Small. S – M – all.

Alla Be Praised, my dear sister

Because if I had enough time, I would take those rosary bleeds and shove em up your nose.

BLONDE GIRL:Gosh! Wait until I tell my friends I was sitting next to
George Hamilton! SEYMOUR:George Hamilton?

Brock Yates:You boys gonna start this thing or just sit there and wait
for that paint to dry? Mel Tillis:Yes,sir.(to Terry Bradshaw)How long
until we stop? Terry:Eight hours. Mel:Damn,I gotta go to the john!

California Highway Patrolman: Headquarters, we are still in pursuit of the black Lamborghini.
Dispatcher: Car 42, you’ve been in pursuit for two hours. Another five minutes and you’ll be in Arizona.
California Highway Patrolman: Yeah, and we’re going to stay in pursuit until we catch them.
Dispatcher: It didn’t take us THAT long to catch Dillinger

Come on! 1000 miles on one wheel? We’re trying to win a race, not set a record!

Fenderbaum: We got a secret weapon. God is our co-pilot!
Blake: God is our co-pilot? Remember our car?
Fenderbaum: Yeah?
Blake: Two seats!
Fenderbaum: Two seats…?
Blake: Where’s he gonna sit? Where?

God is our co-pilot.

God is our co-pilot? Remember our car? Two seats! Where’s he gonna sit? Where’s he gonna sit?

He can say that, he can say that…

I don’t want to talk about HIM.

If you gonna be a bear, be a grizzly

It’s the Cannonball! It’s the damned Cannonball, for sure! They blasted away right in front of my eyes. And they, uh, kidnapped a girl.

Jamie Blake!!! You used to drive that old Formula One, when high button shoes were in style!

Love in on the air.

Madam? I’m no madam, I’m a decent, respectable woman. I don’t even own a house. I live in in apartment. Now, get off my case, I’m late for my plane !

May the good Lord take a liking to you but not to soon. Bless you

Where the hookers?

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