Movie Quotes from Bye Bye Birdie: Quotes from the movie Bye Bye Birdie

(this is from the script) …..lou? Where are you lou? struck down by a beverage I faithfully consumed for thirty-two years. What about lou??

–What does your husband do?
–I don’t know, he’s dead.

1. I respect you pop. 2. Oh I don’t want your respect. Who wants respect from a 10 year old kid?

Conrad Birdie’s coming here to kiss me!

He’s in love with Kim; Kim’s in love with him.

He’s my favorite human. That’s the reason why I let Kim go on in the first place.

How Lovely to be a Woman!

I’m comin Lou! Start dealin!

I’ve got a wonderful wife, two swell kids, a good business, and now this. HAHAHAHA!!! Ed, I love you!

Imagine, me, Harry McAfee, appearing with Ed Sullivan!

In six years, I never sold one lousy song. Maybe they weren’t lousy enough.


Obviously, dear little Conrad has a devastating impact.

One summer I worked at the circus. All those midgets, wild!

Speak to us oh beautiful one! Sing to us with that sweet voice, that even now, in anticipation of it has transformed me into a wild, ragin, panting jungle beast!

The next time I have a daughter, I hope it’s a boy.

The Telephone Song.

URSELA: Hi Nancy! NANCY: Hi Ursela! What’s the story, morning glory? URSELA: Whats the tale, nightengale? Did you hear about Hugo and Kim?!
ALICE: Hi Margie! MARGIE: Hi Alice! What’s the story morning glory? ALICE: What’s the word, humingbird? Have you heard about Hugo and Kim?!
ALL: Did they really get pinned? Did she kiss him and cry? Did he pin the pin on? Or was he too shy? Well, I heard they got pinned(Yeah Yeah). I was hopin’ they would(Uh-Huh). Now they’re livin at last(He’s gone). Goin’ steady for-
HARVEY: Hello Mr. Henkle, this is Harvey Johnson can I speak to Penelope Ann?
P.A.: Is it true about Kim?
HARVEY: Penelope-
P.A.: I just knew it somehow.
HARVEY: About the prom-
P.A.: I must call her right up.
HARVEY: Saturday?

we hat you conrad… oh yes we do…. we dont hate anyone as much as you….. when we hear you sing…. pee yoo…. oh conrad WE HATE YOU

we love you conrad…. oh yes we do… we dont like anyway as much as you… when your not near us… were blue…. oh conrad we love u

Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way? What’s the matter with kids today!?!?

You’re really giving up the scream? Ya’ mean EVERY time Conrad Birdie sings on television for not just gonna go AGHHHHHHH!

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