Movie Quotes from Breach of Trust: Quotes from the movie Breach of Trust

Do you think my daddy’s going to die too.

ERICA: I wanna stay here

JUDITH EVANS: Your mommy took good care of you didn’t she Erica
ERICA: We took care of each other but she still had to be the grown up, cassie said she’s keeping an eye on me. Do you think she is
JUDITH EVANS: I do. You know cassie was right about a lot of things, she was right when she said your very easy to love.
I want you to be happy Erica
ERICA: Then how come you won’t let me stay with my dad

That’s where they where going. They where flying to visit the sleepover at camp for me to go to. They crashed because they went to see my camp.

You give me too much credit, i don’t have that kind of Generosity!

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