Movie Quotes from Break-Up, The: Quotes from the movie Break-Up, The

heres what i like to do to you. first i’d like to get you naked.. and then im gonna take some saran wrap and wrap you up from head to toe and ima cut out 2 holes… one for your mouth so you can breathe obviously and the other one…..

you get a program that records key strokes… cost like $2o bucks… very easy to use… get a password, check her email… you find out everything about her… thats how i found out about the puerto rican that stacy was running around with

you wanna tell your jokes? tell your jokes. but sooner or later you’re gonna get hungry and you’re gonna wanna eat.. now jokes might make you feel better, but they don’t get you fed

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Break-Up, The’: Quotes from the movie ‘Break-Up, The’

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