Movie Quotes from Bravo Two Zero: Quotes from the movie Bravo Two Zero

As for the men who tortured us, they had their job to do as well… it’s just that some of them enjoyed it a bit too much. If I’d meet any of them in the street tomorrow – and thought I would get away with it – I’d slot them.

I don’t hold it against them; they were doing their job and I was doing mine. Some of them just enjoyed it too much. If I ran into those guys on the street tomorrow, I’d fucking slaughter them

Mind you, if you cock up i´ll come down on you like a ton of shit.

Weapons are just a tool. As long as they go bang when you squeeze the trigger and hit what you are aiming at everything is fine.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Bravo Two Zero’: Quotes from the movie ‘Bravo Two Zero’

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