Movie Quotes from Bless the Child: Quotes from the movie Bless the Child

1) Well you’ll catch him, I got a good feeling about this.
2) You do, huh?
1) You’re wrong about one thing, though
2) What’s that?
1) You’re not working alone tonight. A good man is never alone in this world.

1) About a year ago, they started hunting children.
2) What does this have to do with Cody?
1) They believe she’s the one they have been looking for. She’s going to lead people to God, Maggie. Eric is going to try to change her, and if not.
2) Slaughter of the Innocence
1) Do you promise to get her out of there? and get out as fast you can.

1) Can I ask you a personal question?
2) That depends on the question.
1) There’s a rumor that before you joined the precinct you were a priest.
2) I was a seminary student, I didn’t make it as far as priesthood.
1) Still, that is some kind of makeover. What happened?
2) I found another way to fight him…Okay, ready?
1) (confused) Fight who?

1) Hi Cody.
2) Hi.
1) We don’t want to work today?
2) Please sister, after you!
1) Why thank-you, don’t you think we should work today? I think we should.
2) Cody no work, Sister Rosa go work, Goodbye.

1) Oh Maggie, are you really going to shoot me in front of Cody.
2) Close your eyes, honey.

1) Watch. If God loves his children so much, maybe he’ll stop this. Redeem him, somehow. Or maybe the release I’ve offered him is his only salvation.
[Homeless man strikes match to light himself on fire, Cody blows out match and hugs homeless man]
2) He hasn’t forgotten you.

1) What do you think about all that?
2) Oh, I don’t know. I’m not sure I believe in that kind of thing.
1) Well that don’t matter. It’s there whether you believe or not believe. It don’t care.

1) you’re going to shoot me with Cody standing here? 2)close your eyes sweetheart.

After you

Cody, if you believe in God, JUMP!!! Cody sits down and says,
After You!

CODY: She said mim, so sad. She’s crying for us

CODY: She’s sad mim, so sad. She’s crying for us ( THIS IS THE CORRECT VERSION)

I’ve never fired a gun before, but I’ll bet at this range I’m dead-on.

She’s special, you know that don’t you? That’s why they want her.

You’re not like other children, Cody. Do you know that?

[Pulls trigger on gun three times, three clicks are heard]
Thou shalt not kill… especially with no bullets.

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