Movie Quotes from Blind Date: Quotes from the movie Blind Date

–I swear on my mother’s grave.
–Your mother is playing the back nine at Bel Air.
–I was speaking in future tense.

1. New car? 2. Yes (1. throws up on the floor)

1; But I dont love him. 2; Neither do I. Whats your point?

Anybody seen her.

DAD Planning on having kids?
David) No
DAD then i know what to get you for a wedding present.
DAvid) aha what’s that.
DAD a vasectomy

Fasten your seat belt Walter. You’re in enough trouble as it is. It’s the law.

Here’s your chance to run for it…your very last chance.

I am surprised you didn’t put p the merry ground.
You promised david a first class wedding.
A wedding not disney world.
Oh don’t be a shitty ld harold it’s not everyday your only sun gets married.
He’s your son too merriel.
Mom dad hi i’d like you both to meet Nadia soon to be your daughter in law gates.
Hi nadia, well nadia let me show you to your room.
Well whata you think of her.
Well she wasn’t all i thought she’d be.
Why what do think she’d be.
planning on having kids.
Well then i know what to get you for a wedding present.
Oh ahh what’s that.
A vesectomy.

i drunk too much…
yes yes you did.
Oh and the dinner party oh god oh walter i am so sorry…
Well i know i feel alot better now.

I love you for that guy to love you.

Let you get away.

oh my god there is party down the street oh let’s go

Oh, what a nite.

Simply meant to be.

Walter Davis, Rocket Scientist, damn glad to meet you.

Well in calafornia law you’re entitled fifty per cent of your husbands assets

well look on the bright side hell else can happen…
nadia HEY
WALTER nadia just stay out of this…
ah ah ah ah
(police car…)
oh shit the car drop the gun (SAID THIRD GIRL)
hey hey hey there were three one put a gun right to my head the other got a knife out of her trunk.. get out of freaking there hey hey hey…
Three girls two with a leather jacket and one with patches right here…
how much have you been drinking tonight sir.
(walter does as man tells him)
Good head back eyes closed arms out arms out.
Now with the tip of your hand touch your nose, good now the other hand.
Now keep your eyes closed and raise your right foot aka just for ten seconds…

Well, cant juggle pate.

What is it darling?
Air the wonderful air here i just love it.

what it’s barely midnight lets terrorize the whole streets and boogie down dance all night.
Look i told you i was sorry.
Look walter- walter burps…
Whoaeeeeee i just remembered there’s a party i sit here someone here mentioning a party at elmemneasthill.
look walter i don’t wanna go to a party anymore ok my friends are just er quite people they’ll bore you.
Well we’ll just have to liven them up won’t we.

what you told me it was an 18 list you made a thousand dollars out of your own brother.
No wonder you’re going to stockeps i am bank rolling the whole thing.

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