Movie Quotes from Bio-Dome: Quotes from the movie Bio-Dome

Monic-Russel, There are beer cans in the trash in the kitchen, there are beer cans in the trash in the bathroom, there are beer cans in the trash in the basement, What does that say ?
Russil- were out of beer?

*Flashback* (Doyle jumps off the roof with an umbrella in hand)
Bud: Fly, Mary Poppins. Fly! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

…And what’s your name? (Changes sound of voice.) Purple-Sticky-Punch…

…please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, and remember: here at Bio-Dome were focusing on balancing homo’s within the system

1) How’d Ya get this job? 2) F***in’ President Clinton. 3) You had sex with President Clinton

1) Ya know russell, there is a bathroom right around the corner. 2) I can’t go to the bathroom, I hurt my bladder rollerblading

1)…Simmion!… 2)…Dick!…

1)Daddy..I wet my huggies..Nobody loves me..

1)do you think that means it goes both ways? 2) i dont know but we do

1)for the pillow…choo lose the pillow….
For the blanket….choo lose the blanket..
For fun….hahahahahahahaha

1)hey where did u come from?2)my mum and the
authorities are still trying to figure that out.
but hey did u know there’s a jungle in here?
1)yes I did 2)well whoever thought of putting
a jungle in Arazona is a pretty smart guy..

1)hi im bud 2) and Im doyle *and when were
not out saving the planet,were thinking of u naked
thigh deep in tofu..tlock tlock tlock…1)u likey leeky?

1)what do u want out of life 2) To die and come back as a leotard…

1. Can you cork it? 2. Negatory!

1. Do you think it goes both ways? 2. I don’t know, but we do!

1.) yo squirly break the ice 2.) Excuse me, Miss, are you tired? 3.) no.. why? 2.) Cause u’ve been running through my mind all day. 1.) If you were yogurt would you be fruit at the bottem or stirred? 2.) oooh! Excuse me Miss, Did it hurt? 3.) did WHAT hurt? 2.) When you fell from heaven.. did it hurt?

1.) Russ how’d you get a job?! 2.) fucking president clinton 1.) You had sex with president clinton???…. cool!

1.) welcome to the future!! 2.) Welcome to the place where i’m going to drain my lizard

1: iron man iron man does whatever an iron can. 2: whoa, whoa. that’s spider man. black sabbath did iron man. 1: oh what. you think you’re some kind of rocket scientist? 2: yes.

1: whoa whoa whoa. you’re not one of those freaky cults. make us take drink some weird punch, take off all our clothes. 2:no 1: damn. this close.

Stay together, no flash photography, dont feed the animals,and remember, Here at Bio Dome, were all about keeping homos balnced, within the system, now follow me, dont get lost.

?: i wish we had another day Doyle: or another 24hrs

a) I am so fat! b) No you’re not. a) Nobody likes me. b) You’re beautiful. a) People didn’t like me in High School. b) Everybody loves you. a) Oh, thank you, so sweet Naomi.

all i know is if i see one more orgy im movin to da bed, and fauckner stop hoggin the KY.

And remember, here at Bio-Dome we’re dependent on balancing homos within the system.

and the Tippatillia go EH EH, on the rice

And whats your name (sticks hands out to side like a plant) Purple Stickey Punch! OOOOH youre going to make somebody very happy, yes you are!

ASSUME THE POSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bio-Dome! Does that mean it goes both ways? I don’t know, but we sure do!

Bud – choo lose the pillow! choo lose the blankets! for fun, hahahahahahahah

Bud – no! the book fell on him! i mean, he fell on the book, they collided!

Bud-AH!…..THE DOOR! WE’RE SAVED! hey, theres no nob! let us out!!!
Olivia-oh…here we go….that door is sealed shut for one year, nothing gets in, nothing gets out, not even air… would take a sherman tank to get through that door.
Bud-so what your saying is…..
Olivia-you can’t get out
Bud-we’re stuck here
Bud-for a year?
Doyle- Fifty two weeks!?
Bud-three hundred and EIGHTY five DAYS!?
Olivia- YES YES YES!!!
Olivia- GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
Bud and doyle dances around
Doyle runs head first into the door and falls over. Bud dances around.

Bud: Are you the guy with the spray on hair?

bud: baskes lake? doyal: more like baskes crap hole!

bud: EWWW! what is this crap?! doyle: it tastes like it came out of romulus! romulus: maybe it did. Bud: can u guys at least make taste like chicken w/ a little booya young and some papricca or i’m gonna shrivlil up like a super model. oh i’m so fat. doyle: no u’re not. bud: nobody likes me! doyle: yes they do. Bud: nobody liked me in high school. doyle: u’re beautiful. bud: oh thank u dear sweet nioami. lets have a cigarrett.

Bud: my conclusion is that we plant these seeds and i know what ur thinkin illegal illegal but the prop of purple sticky punge goes way beyond just twickin it isnt that right professor johnson. Doyle: thats correct professor macintosh, purple sticky punge or hemp is a great soucre of paper, it makes a fine rope, it also makes a uncontameinated fuel but the biggest part to us biodomers is its rapid rate in photosynsis that means more oxygen for everyone.

Bud: Oh yeah and action figures, anatomically correct of course.

bud: paper covers rock! chaloose!!!

Bud: Trust me the beak knows. Come on up it up.

Bud: We’re going to go create our own dome, a dome within a dome. So don’t come knockin on our door

Bud: Well, can you at least make it taste like chicken? Otherwise, I’m gonna shrivel up like a super model; ‘ Ahhh, I am soo fat.Nobody likes me.’
his friend: You’re beautiful.

Bud: People didn’t like me in high school.

his friend: Everybody likes you.

Bud: Whoa whoa whoa. You’re not one of those freaky cults, are you? Dancing, naked, make us take off all our clothes & feed us some weird punch…
Faulkner: No
Bud: Damn…thisclose!

Can you cork it? Negatory.

Cheer up buckaroo.

Crunchy soy patty….. with lactose free cheese??

Cuz I’m King and you’re Peasent!

dammit dammit dammit billy, how am i supposed to hit a double birdie with the shower iron,dammit are embarasasing me in front of my friends

did it hurt?
did what hurt?
when you fell from heaven
did it hurt?

Die Mary Poppins!

Do you know how many diseases there are in pools? Espcialy afta we swim in them!

does that mean it goes both ways?(2)no but we do!

Does Uncle Ben know about this?

doyle doyle doyle of the jungle, strong as he can be, but watch out for that treeee

Doyle, Doyle, Doyle of the jungle, friend to you and me. Watch out for that treeeeee…

Doyle: Little Elvis has stage fright!

Doyle: remember the great fire of 1979 that suposedly started in your garage when that chipmunk ingested some fertilizer then fell into a can of kerocene instantly turning him into a flying little fluffy little moletuf cocktail that set a blaze leveling the whole neighborhood west of newtons hardware store.

Bud: you set that fire?

Doyle: no, but that was cool.. huh?

Doyle: So they’re… like… porking?

Doyle: squirel break the ice, mmt mmt. Bud: excuse me miss r u tired Mimi: i beg ur pardon Bud: r u tired? Mimi: no y. Bud: cuz u’ve been running thro my mind all day. Doyle: excuse me miss if u were yogert would u be fruit at the bottom or stired. Bud: did it hurt. Mimi: did what hurt. Bud: when u fell from heaven did it hurt.

doyle: this taste like it came out of romulus! romulus: maybe it did.

doyle:sliced it. bud:dammit billy, dammit dammit dammit. how am i supposed to hit a double birdie, with my boagie billy with a shower iron!? dammit billy, you;re embarrasing me in front of my friends. billy billy billy billy billy

Excuse me miss… did it hurt? when you fell from heaven, did it hurt? Excuse me miss… If you were yogourt, would you be fruit at the bottom, or stirred?

Fockner:What do you guys want out of life? Bud:To die and come back as a leotard

free mahe-mahe, free mahe-mahe.

free mahi mahi. free mahi mahi

Free the Mahi-Mahi!!!

good afternoon Petrie Dish

Grape smugglers!

Guy 1:Whats your goal in life? Guy 2 and 3:To die and come back as a leotard!

Here we are most focused on producing homos within the system

hey romulus,your lepadeptira are porking!

hey russell,your lepadeptira are porking!

Hey, there’s a tastydactile. I’m gonna eat the little frog leg…

hi i’m doyle and i’m bud and when we’re not out saving the environment we’re thinking of you deep-fried in tofu

hi im bud. and im doyle. and when we’re not out saving the environment we’re thinking of you – naked – thigh deep in tofu

I can lick my own back.

I cant. . .see. . you. .

i dont see how playing hacky sack helps in saving the environment

i know what you’re thinking…illllegal, illlllllegal

i know what your thinkin’…….illegal….illegal!

I look like a duck-billed-platypus!

I’m a sherman tank!!!!!!!!

i’m doyle johnson. you’ve seen me naked!

I’m gunna get that mother Faulkner

I’m not gonna lose my girlfriend to some web-footed,steroid friendly,porpise prissy PUNK!

I’ve never quit anything in my life except for Chinese calligraphy, my Theses 2, Kangaroo Anatomy, Toe Photography, Booger sculpture and masturbation. Well, maybe not masturbation but give me a break it’s the only thing I’m good at.

if i were you, russ, i’d have my mouth full of shotgun with my toe on the trigger

if you were yogurt would you be fruit at the bottom, or stired?

just because we’re in a bubble, doesn’t mean we can’t cause any trouble.

Just cause we’re stuck in a bubble, doesn’t mean we can’t cause any trouble!

makin a filter… makin a filter…

making a filter, making a filter!


May I present to you Chateau Squirrly-Stub. It’s a bit fruity. A bit plucky perhaps, but it’ll satisfy your pallet especially with a big piece of pork.

mini tribal!!(dancing) car tribal!!


Mommie,please let me out…or at least slide another pancake under the door…

Mommy…i wet my huggies…

Monic: i cant believe u cracked Doyles skull just to get outta this Bud: no the book fell on him, i mean he fell on the book they collied, Porkchop: this is hands across america all over again Bud: i had arthrtis Monic: farmaid? Doyle: i had fleas Porkchop: the save the whales rally? Bud: salt water makes doyle boat.

no chalk on the bark! slide slide slipity slide…

Now I know what you’re thinking, ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL! but the power of the purple sticky punch plant goes way beyond token it.

of course they will have to be anatomically correct

ooo…im slutty…ooo…im slutty

OOOh, so what you’re REALLY TRYING TO SAY ISS…..

Our home is the garrrden of eeeden…more like the garden of boredom.

Owr women have bein suduced by brest strokers

Parrot: I am god! I am god! (faulkner kills him) Faulkner: No, I am god!

Remeber the great squirle frie of 96?
you started that?
no, but that was pretty cool

Remember the great fire of 1979 that supposively started in your garage when that chipmunk ingested some fertilizer and then fell into a can of kerosene, instantly turning him into a flying little fluffy little molitoff cocktail that set ablaze leveling the whole neighborhood west of Newton’s Hardware Store? You started that fire? No but that was pretty cool huh?

remember, here at Bio Dome we work at keeping homos within the system…

Shave Poochie Poochie

shave poochie poochie! shave poochie poochie

shave poocie poochi! shave poocie poochie

Shaved-down pool nazis oiling up our women and swimming with them in an olympic-sized toilet.

So what your reaaaaallly trying to say is……..

Thank you Dr MacIntosh.. Hemp is a source fule.. It can make a fine rope… Its also a great source of oxygen due to its rapid supply of photosininsisisisis.. Witch means more air for eeeeeeverybody

THE ONE WITH THE CORN,mmmmmmm, you like it.

there is something about a man who can lick his own back

Vasquez lake? More like vasquez crap hole

Vegetation for your Fertilization!


we got cheetos…we got chips…we have lots of food to eat!

We got chipies, we got chipies….we got lots of stuff to eeaaatt!!

we have lots of food to eat!

welcome to biodome. welcome to the future. welcome to the place where i am going to drain my lizard.

well a heres lookin at you pilgram

Well, Doyle was standing up on the couch and he was all like, FREE MAHI MAHI, FREE MAHI MAHI. And then BAM! Gravity up and snached the poor kid.

what’s your name? purrple sticky punch!

Yo, look at that mall… bbbiiiooo-dddooommmme.

You assholes! I can’t believe you’d crack doyle’s skull just to get out of this!!

you likey leeky?

You likey-leeky?!

you’re thinking locally and we’re thinking glooooooooobally

“Please let me out mommy, or at least slide another pancake under the door.“ Bit-thwah! Oooh take that and eat it! quote marks bizzotch! (not from bio-dome)

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