Movie Quotes from Bird on a Wire: Quotes from the movie Bird on a Wire

1)I need a bath! I need a manicure! I need to sleep!
2)I need a beer!

1. What are you doing here? 2. Being shot in the butt!


I hate to be an old woman, MaryAnn, but my paranoia keeps me alive.

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell — he’s in the bathroom right now doing his hair!

I need food. I need a manicure. I need my therapist.

Mr. Wiggly’s been on bread and water for five years.

Mr. Wiggly’s been on bread and water.

Oh I took the rose off with a sander

Since when did you start wearing underpants?

This can’t be good for you.

You come to Detroit and you rent a Beamer? That’s like going to Germany and eating Jimmy Dean sausages!

You know how you said you wanted to have sex with me in some weird place? How about Detroit?

You never ran that fast when I was angry

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