Movie Quotes from Bingo!: Quotes from the movie Bingo!

Eli: I can’t believe you. Here we are trapped, and all you can think of is pushing that stupid little button.
Lennie (teasing): Your not my boss! (pushes button at each comma and period) Now he’s hamburger, now he’s not, now he’s hamburger, now he’s not.

i’m a sherman tank

[ Bingo has had a date with the Cocker Spaniel next door complete with a bottle of champagne, he wakes up the next morning and hears the car engine start, goes out front and sees the Broncos car pull away and drive away and Chuckie in the very back, Chuckie sees Bingo ]
Chuckie: [ At top of lungs ] BINGO!
[ Bingo makes a run for the car ]
Chuckie: [ Rolls down very back window ] BINGO!!
Hal: What the– [ Looks in rearview mirror and spots Bingo ] Oh, I should’ve known! IT’S A DOG!
[ Car skids and speeds away, Hal and Natalie scream ]
Natalie: So, there was a dog, huh?
Chuckie: Yes, there was a dog. NOW STOP THE DAMN CAR!
Natalie: You watch your mouth, young man, this is not a locker room!

[ Bingo has made his way to Green Bay to get back to Chuckie and helps a restaurant chef as an ‘assistant dishwasher,’ but unfortunately, Eli and Lennie have also broken out of jail to track him down and they make it to Green Bay, spot him and strangle him with a dogcatcher’s net ]
Lennie: Well, if it ain’t Mr. ‘Whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth, flea-carryin’-turncoat snitch’!
Eli: Hi, Bingo! Miss us?
[ Chuckie shows up on bike and sees the crooks with Bingo ]
Eli: When we’re finished with you, you’ll wish you’ve never been whelped!
Chuckie: HEY, YOU! LET GO OF MY DOG! [ tackles them on bike ]

[ The Devlins are practicing football at the motel, Chuckie enters after leaving a piss trail for Bingo to follow ]
Natalie: Three points for the big guy! Okay let’s go again. [ Sees Chuckie entering and sitting on bed, goes to him ] Where have you been? IT’S YOUR TURN TO SNAP!
Chickie: [ Spills the beans ] I know! He’s been leavin’ a piss trail for that stupid dog of his!
Natalie: Chuckie.
Chickie: Suck my sauce.
Natalie: Chickie.
Natalie: Yes, dear, yes.
[ she returns to Chuckie after beans are spilled ]
Natalie: I want you to put that dog out of your mind. I want you to forget him; put him TOTALLY OUTTA YOUR MIND!
Chickie: He doesn’t HAVE a mind! He peed his brains out!
Chuckie: Hey, you should talk! That dog is smarter than you– in fact, he’s smarter than this whole family!

[ The two crooks have set up a bomb in a battered warehouse ]
Eli: There was a crook/that had a bomb… and KABOOMIE!
[ Bingo growls ]

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