Movie Quotes from Big Trouble: Quotes from the movie Big Trouble

#1 What the hell are Gators? #2 Football… College. #1 Morons. #2 Uh huh.

(in russian accent) We sponsor girls softball team.

….Yes, and if you don’t calm down you’ll be wearing MY handcuffs in YOUR Godamn house.

1) Make her stop! God in heaven, make her stop! She wants my soul!!2) Arugula! Arugula! Arrrrrrrrugula!

1)Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of you heart? 2)My cockles are burning.

1)get the big bill first 2) which one, this one, or this one? 1) where’s all the money? 3) business is slow. 4) is bad location.

1)Jesus (Hey-suse)? 2)Puggy

Alltight, lets reconnoiter here at 2100 hours.
Ten o’clock

C’mon, Snake, I think I hear one of those silent alarms.

God damn kids today, they all got God damn guns and, THEIR ALL SNIFFING GLUE!

God forbid he should miss Zena Warrior Princess.

great…my first hand job.

I hope you realize you’ve just committed assault.I know, I know. Time was, you actually had to hit somebody.

I’m Arthur Hurk!! I know the mayor!!

Is that a squirt gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Look at this thing. He’s the size of a Buick.

My name is Puggy, and I live in a tree.

Was that a goat?

well I’m kinda busy what with holding my dick and all

Well Miami sucks. Yeah, but the cops are nice.

You just can’t beat these things when they’re fresh.

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