Movie Quotes from Big Store, The: Quotes from the movie Big Store, The

–Can you tell me the price of this bed?
–Eight thousand dollars.
–Why that’s preposterous! I can get the same bed anywhere in town for twenty-five dollars.
–Yes, but not with me in it!

–I’ll take your picture. Hey! Look at me and laugh.
–I’ve been doing that for 20 years.

–Look at me and laugh.
–I’ve been doing that for years.

–There are many bonds that will hold us together through eternity.
–Really? What are they?
–Your government bonds, your savings bonds, your liberty bonds, and maybe a little baby bond.

1) I’m afraid that after we’ve been married a while a beautiful girl will come along and you’ll forget all about me. 2) Don’t be silly, I’ll write you twice a week.

1)Let there be wine. 2)and women. 1)and song. 2)and women. 1)and caviar. 2)and women. 1)and more women.

I was a shoplifter for three years.

If it’s you.

Sing while you sell.

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