Movie Quotes from Back to the Beach: Quotes from the movie Back to the Beach

(1) You must represent darkness, evil and godless communism. (2) You forgot: ugly, lazy and disrespectful.

(Singing) Ska, Ska, Ska. Jamaica Ska.

1) Connie, can I ask you one question? 2) I’ve been waiting 20 years. 1) What the hell is a Kahuna anyway? Is it good to have a big one?

1) Okay, but here’s my point. She didn’t say I’m not in, she said we’re not in. we, ya see, we. Now what does we mean? 2) I believe it’s the plural form, indicating more than one. Do you want me to CONJUGATE that for you, pop? Do you know what conjugate means, dad? 1) I’d like to conjugate you on the back of the head with a rock!

1) Sandy, you keep leaving the soap on the shower floor, and it keeps getting gross and squishy, and then it just disappears. And this was my favorite soap-on-a-rope, and look at this…it’s just rope. 2) Gosh, Michael, what a gut-wrenching tragedy. Get Jerry Lewis on the phone, we’ll get a tel-a-thon going.

1) Shhh…I think I hear something. 2) You mean she’s making noise in her own apartment? They just go nuts in California, huh dad?

1.I’m afraid. 2.You’re afraid of lunch? Bobby, no one’s a fraid of lunch. 2.I am. Because I know absolutely, unfailingly and with absolute certainty what’s in there! It’s been there everyday of my life. It’s peanut butter, isn’t it Mom? ISN’T IT?! 2.Well, you know, I believe it is! 1.What do you mean, ‘I believe it is’? It’s like some kind of sick fixation with you!

Bobby: They’re making noise in their own apartment? Geez, they just go nuts here in California!

C’mon…You’re raggin’ on my dad!

Call Jerry Lewis. Let’s get a telethon going.

Frankie: Gimme another one, Little Buddy.
Bob Denver: Don’t call me that, I HATE that!

Girls used to throw themselves at Dad. Unfortunately it was 1962 and you had to throw them back.

He’s battering down the door with someone’s head?!

Hey babe, how about a Cuervo Gold?

I dig chicks.
Chicks dig me,diggin them
ya dig?

I dig chicks. Chicks dig me, diggin’ them? Dig?

I know exactly what’s in there. It’s been in there every single day of my life. It’s peanut butter, isn’t it, Mom? ISN’T IT?

I think I saw a thing, but I don’t know what thing I thought I saw.

It’s a good thing you’re not a plumber, or I’d be wearing a toilet bowl on my hand!

It’s not nice! It’s not nice!

MICHAEL: Putting those ships into those bottles, that’s got to take a lot of patience, intelligence, skill and talent. HARBOR MASTER: I bought this for a buck from a nine-year old girl. MICHEAL: Wow, shrewd and thrifty, too.

Mom, was I adopted, and if not, can I be now?

Sandy, if you got a guy in there I’m gonna cut off his toes and sell them to the bait shop!

Sandy-my little baby, my honey bunny, my lamey wamey…

Tuna fish are wearing my clothes!

What are all the salesmen doin? Sleepin?

When you say WE’RE not in, who exactly is WE?

Why-o, why-o, why-o did I ever leave Ohio?

You can tell the men from the boys, by the price of their toys.

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