Movie Quotes from O.C. and Stiggs: Quotes from the movie O.C. and Stiggs

1:It worked! 2:No it didn’t work!! You blew it. 1:What do you mean, it exploded didn’t it? 2:It was supposed to be blue, the water was supposed to be blue. 1:I know, I know, but look at it this way Schwab got real wet and I think he lost a tooth. 2:But you didn’t use the right kind of solenoid, if you did Schwab would be all wet, the dye would have come out, he would have lost his tooth and he would have been totally blue!!!

Kopa one hundred’s advanced weather’s got us trapped in a three-day heat streak with all intensions of breaking the one-eighteen mark wide open today. Just stay inside, forget the electric bill, turn up the air.

Oliver Cromwell Ogilvey, O.C. to my friends, of which I have one.

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