Movie Quotes from Autofocus: Quotes from the movie Autofocus

–A day without sex…
–Is a day wasted.


–I’m your friend.
–You’re my only friend, John.

Big Daddy.

Bob…This is Disney.

Dead air.

Dinner theater.

Don’t tell Tonto.

Eddie Canter once told me that likeability was 90% of the battle. And
he was right.

Guess who’s playing Super Dad?

Heroes don’t try to be heroes. They simply are.

Hi-ho silver!

Hogan Heroes left the airways on July 4, 1971, after six seasons and
186 shows.

Hogan Heroes premiered September 17, 1965, 8:30 on Friday night.

Hogan is in almost every scene.

Honey, gotta back on the road.

I’m a likeable guy.

I’m normal.

If I Were A Carpenter.

It’s not easy to resist temptations.

Kill Klink. I like that.

Marriage is a contract.

Oh, with the funny Nazis?

This is a gang comedy. It’s funny to the extent the gang is funny.

Three words: Don’t Make Waves.

We talked about this. The image problem.

What is orange?

You wanted to find a woman that would understand you.

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