Movie Quotes from Author! Author!: Quotes from the movie Author! Author!

–Why do you take aspirin with champagne?
–Oh, champagne gives me a headache.

Comin’ home to you is like comin’ home to milk and cookies.

Don’t you ever, ever, ever tell me I look good for my age again.

I’ve got one natural sister, seven step-brothers and seven step-sisters. I’ve got more than twenty aunts and twenty-six uncles precisely. I’ve got more than nine grandparents and five great-grandparents. I’ve got more than two hundered cousins in America alone.

I’ve had a lousy day today. I’ve turned 42. I fired a director. I beat my kids. I forgot to beat my kids!

No ex-husband of Gloria’s ever has to apologize to me about anything.

No need for me to chime in here, right?

You are one beautiful chica there, honey chilly.

You can’t commit to a man. You can’t commit to your children. You’d probably abandon your clothing if it made any kind of emotional demand on you!

Your stuff’s probably too depressing for Broadway.

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