Movie Quotes from Autumn in New York: Quotes from the movie Autumn in New York

1)God, that must be a relief. 2)What? 3)Well, to finally deliver that speech to a woman and actually have it apply to them.

1)You ruined me for other woman. 2)I saved you for them.

All i have to offer you is this, nothing more

Food is the only beautiful ting that truly nourishes.

I collect antiques.

If you wanted to seduce me, all you’d have to do is ask.

It’s the scariest day of the year. Yet only one thing scares me. That we might never have met.

Man, you don’t dance…you float!

The stars are as soft as flowers, and as near.
The hills are webs of shawdows, slowly spun.
No Seprate leaf or single blade – are all blend into one.

There’s no lie i would rather hear than the truth

There’s only 2 kinds of love stories in this world…boy loses girl, girl loses boy…that’s it. Somebody always gets left behind.

Two butterflies went out at noon and waltzed above a stream.
Then stepped straight through the firmament and rested on a beam.
And then together bore away upon a shining sea.
Though never yet in any port their coming mentioned be.

Well, look at it this way. We can have it real, which we both know is way better, and you wouldn’t have to pay full price because like in a year or so I’d be just this sob story you could use to bag more chicks.

What do you want for you birthday? More of this

What’s the use of being young and beautiful if not to keep a man waiting.

You look at me in a way that i haven’t quite earned
So earn it

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