Movie Quotes from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Quotes from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

I eat cause im not happy, and im not happy because eat, its a vicious cycle.

(Austin drinks a cup of poo thinking it was coffee)
A:This tastes like sh**!
B. Exposition: Thats because it is sh** Austin.
A:Oh. (takes another sip)A little nutty.

(austin,s and felicity,s romance moment get disturbed,when somebody knock
they door.)
voice:special delivery!
(fat bastard broke the door when he come inside,and he,s have a gun.)
fat bastard:suprise,suprise.hey baby,do you want to do it again?
because if have get fat,you never wanna go back,haahahhaaa!
austin:shut you mouth,you bastard…who is fat.
fat bastard:oh,yeah.
felicity:before you kill us,let me ask one question.are you happy?
fat bastard:what kind of stupid question is that?im rich and dead-sexy!
felicity:you didnt answer my question.are you happy?
fat bastard:of course im no happy.look at me,i am big, fat sloob.
i,ve got bigger tittyy,s then you do,and i got more chings then chiense
born pig!i havent see my wheely over two years,it,s long enough to say
it,s a legualy dea!(sighh..)i cant stop eating.i eat be cause im unhappy…(heavy sigghh…)and im unhappy because i eat,it,s wicth
circel.if you excuse,theres some i have to get in toush him to forget..
myself(fat bastard fart)prooooooooo!
austin:oh my god…
fat bastard.sorry,i,s a long to do ahead…argh,hwo im kidding?imgonna kill you anyway(butt felicity have allready get
ready to this and kick…RIGHT ON THE NUTTS!
felicity:that,s for calling me fat,you crappy.
(fat bastard fall in the floor.)
austin:no bab,he really is fat bastard,butt you shuoldnt knock him in the bells,it,s just not krickets…

(singing) What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us…bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo…

1) (stating the absolute obvious) Vanessa!! You’re a Fembot!! 2) No shit, Sherlock!

1) Austin (breathing) I am your father 2)really? 1)no, not really. i can’t back that up

1) Do you know how we keep warm in Russia? 2) Ho ho ho, I can guess baby 1) We play chess 2) I guessed wrong

1) Mister president are you suggesting that we blow up the moon?
2) Would you miss it?

1) this kinda tastes like shit. 2) It is shit 1) Oh good, it’s not just me

1) Who are you, baby? 2) Ivana. Ivana Humpalot 1) Excuse me 2) Ivana Humpalot 1) And Ivana toilet made out of solid gold but that’s not in the cards now is it?

1)(in a Darth Vader voice) You must know this. Austin…I am your father. 2)Really? 1)(Regular voice) No, not really.

1)Come on, Mr. President. Show me the money. 2)What money? 1)Show me the money! Show me the money! You had me at hello. Tear. 3)Psst! This is 1969! Jerry Maguire doesn’t come out in another 30 years! Nobody knows what you’re talking about! Ass.

1)How do you get into those pants? 2)You could start by buying me a drink.

1)I would like…100 billion dollars! (everybody laughs) 2)Hey, this is 1969, that kind of money doesn’t even exist! (mocking) I’d like a million bajillion dollars!

1)Talk to the hand cuz the face isn’t listening. 2)Talk to what hand? Talk to YOUR hand? 1)You ain’t all that and a bag of potato chips. 2)What? 1)Don’t go there, girlfriend. Mmm hmm! 3)You’re an idiot.

1)This coffee smells like shit! 2)It IS shit, Austin! 1)Oh good, then it wasn’t just me. (drinks it) It’s a bit nutty…

1. Are you suggesting that we blow up the moon?
2. Well, would we miss it?

1. Colonel, you better have a look at this radar. 2. What is it son? 1. I don’t know sir, but it look like a giant.. 3. Dick! Dick, take a look out the starboard… 4. Oh my God, it looks like a huge.. 5. Pecker! 6. Where? 5. Over there. What sort of bird is that? Oh goodness, it’s not a bird, it’s.. 7. Privates! We have reports of an Unidentified Flying Object. It has a long smooth shaft complete with… 8. Two balls! What is that? It look like an enormous.. 2. Johnson! 1. Yes, sir? 2. Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this.

1. I shall call it The Death Star
2. [snickers]
1. What?
2. Oh, nothing….Darth

Dr. Evil: What?
Scott: Oh nothing, Darth What?
Scott: Oh nothing, Darth

1.) I will never love another man. 2.) Yes….that is true.

Felicity: Mr. Powers, I Presume…

Austin: Powers by name… powers by reputation!

Felicity: Felicity Shagwell… C.I.A… Shagwell by name; shag very well, by reputation!

Austin: Oh Behave Baby!

Felicity: Not it I can help it!

ive got more chins than a chinese phone book

A billion is more then a million-ass.

A trillion is more than a billion,numnuts!

Ahhhh! you shot me you A-hole!

All I asked for was a frickin’ rotating chair!

alright, zip it. Zip it, zip. Ladies and gentleman of the jury Ex-zip-it A.. Look I’m zippy longstockings. When a problem comes along you you must zip it. Zip it good. Hie bla du wah mi sa heu iso-do. (undertitle: Zip it) Zip. Would you like to have a suckle of my zipple? Zip. Zip, Zip it, zip it. zip…zip…zip…zip…zip it!

American Woman.

And I’m spent.

are you going to shed a tear number 2


Austin: Machine gun jublies! How’d i miss those?
Vanessa: It’s called foreplay

Austin: You’re quite good on your feet

Felicity: I’m even better off my feet.

aww look at him… he is so small…. he looks like a dog or something..

Aww..poor bugger

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