Movie Quotes from Arrival, The: Quotes from the movie Arrival, The

(1)Char, it’s Mister Morgan on line five.

(1)When does it start to cool off here?
(2)In San Marsol? This is cool off.

(to herself after picking a piece of plant matter out of the snow) Shouldn’t be here…

Excuse me, perhaps you’d like to use the microphone?
Yes, yes I would. Phil Gordian? I’m looking for Phil Gordian.

If you can’t tend to your own planet, you don’t deserve to live here.

Roll the genetic dice often enough they’re gonna land on top of each other.

Searching for ETs in this political environment is a tough sell.

This is like looking for a needle in a haystack full of needles.

What can I say? I’m a rideshare hostage.

Would you like to see the ruins my friend

You look like hell.
What I look like is a can of squashed assholes.

Zane. Zane! It lasted forty-two seconds and it never repeated!

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