Movie Quotes from Armed and Dangerous: Quotes from the movie Armed and Dangerous

(1) Interesting group of people.
(2) Yeah, to Freud, maybe

(1) You work ten hours, you make forty-six dollars.
(2) Now, let me get this straight. If you wanted to work, say three billion hours, I could roughly pull in over twelve billion dollars? If I was eager enough and put the time in.

1) You’re not on the guest list 2) We’re undercover… lemme see the list… here we are Pinkus & McCarthy 1) oh, right mr. pinkus (wink) 2) I’m McCarthy 3) I’m pinkus.

Hey! What’s with all the questions? This is your union. It’s for your own protection, so shut up and sign the fuckin’form.

I used to be able to read lips: Hello, Mike, I hear you lost your penis. Oh, yes. Yes, I did. Have you seen it? Yes, I believe I saw it with the cocktail wieners. Oh, thank you very much. I better go look in the kitchen then. Or, words to that effect.

I’m gonna kill those guys!

If I go to jail, I’ll kill you.

Is that what you call plea bargaining? Where the hell did you go to law school? It seems obvious that you’re having some sort of a breakdown, so here’s what I suggest you do: you plea your client guilty on all counts and I’ll give him asentence so long he won’t remember his own name let alone yours and you find yourself a new line of work with much less responsibility.

Not that I’m complaining, but I’ll tell you what I find particularly difficult to believe: we’re actually guarding garbage.

The world is a shithole, full of shity little scumbags, who are scared shitless.

Yeah, it’s a fifty caliber. They used to use it to hunt buffalo with.
Up close. It’s only legal in two states. This isn’t one of them.

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