Movie Quotes from Agent Cody Banks: Quotes from the movie Agent Cody Banks

(cody walks in after being beat up at his date with natalie)
codys dad: what happened!….did that girl do this to you?

1: I especially love T.S. Eliot.
2: You do?
1: Yeah. She’s amazing. I love how she uses words, her books are just amazing, and so feminine-like.
2: T.S. Eliot is a man.
1: Oh, yeah, if you want to get TECHNICAL about it…

Ain’t No Fakin’ The Funk.

Fortune And Fame.

Get Free.

Hot In Here.

I love horses. I think their…hair thingy’s cool.

My Way.

Seven Days In The Sun.

Teaching Myself To Dream.

What’s Real.

When I Get You Alone.

You fail! Fail! FAIL!

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