Movie Quotes from Age of Innocence, The: Quotes from the movie Age of Innocence, The

1)Are you very much in love? 2) As much as a man can be? 1) Is there a limit?

1. See I told all my friends about our engagement.

2. Yes, it’s too bad it had to be at a ball.

1. Even now we’re alone.

2. The worst is I want to kiss you but I cant

1. (Laughs) Newland.

(They kiss)

ELLEN: Do you think he will send her a bunch of yellow roses in the morning?
NEWLAND: I was thinking of that too. I was going to leave the theater to keep the picture with me.

Honest? Isn’t that why you always admire Julius Beauford? He was more honest than the rest of us, wasn’t he, we’ve got no character, no color, no variety. I wonder why you just don’t go back to Europe.

How can we be happy behind the backs of people who trust us?

I can’t be your wife, Newland! Is that your idea I should live with you as your mistress?

I mean…I mean it’s always the same. Each time I see you. You happen to me all over again.

I want…somehow I want to get away with you. Find a world where words like that won’t exist.

If you’re using my marriage as some victory of ours, then there’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t go back. You gave me my first glimpse of a real life. Then you asked me to go on with the false one. No one can endure that.

Is New York such a labyrinth? I thought it was so straight up and down, like Fifth Avenue, with all the cross-streets numbered and big honest labels on everything. Everything is labeled. But everybody is not.

It seems stupid to discover America only to make it a copy of another country. Do you think Christopher Columbus would have taken all that trouble just to go to the opera with Larry Lefferts? I think if he knew Lefferts was here the Santa Maria would never have left

Just say I’m old-fashioned. That should be enough.

Lovely? I don’t know. She was different.

Newland. You couldn’t be happy if it meant being cruel. If we act any other way I’ll be making you act against what I love in you most. And I can’t go back to that way of thinking. Don’t you see? I can’t love you unless I give you up.

Oh my dear…whare is that country? Have you ever been there? I have. I know what it looks like. A lie in every silence. It’s no place for us.

Our legislation favors divorce but our social customs don’t.

Our legislation favors divorce. But our social customs don’t.

You are the last vision I want to see forever.

You were a Beaufort when he covered you in diamonds and you’re a Beaufort when he’s covered you in shame!

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