Freaky and Strange Optical Illusions

Here are some more pretty cool, strange and freaky optical illusions


forest face illusion1

Optical Illusion #61:   some kind of pencil or ink drawing.



broken wall illusion

Optical Illusion #62: The building wall was not actually damaged or bombed, it’s an artwork illusion.



courtship matrimony illusion

Optical Illusion #63: Cool upside down optical illusion.



crazy dice illusion

Optical Illusion #64: An impossible way to stack dice.  I want to know how they did this. It is flawless, but it can’t be real. Maybe it’s a photoshop  illusion.



dolphins optical illusion

Optical Illusion #65: How many dolphin figures are in this image?



focus optical illusion

Optical Illusion #66: Stare at the work focus and the image will start to move.



forest face illusion4

Optical Illusion #67: Illusion of faces within the rocks.



upside down illusion

Optical Illusion #68: Another weird upside down optical illusion.



vase face illusion

Optical Illusion #69: Facial figures within the wooden cup.  This one matches her profile perfectly. She must have been the face model for the carving.



wall art illusion

Optical Illusion #70: The whole wall is a big convincing illusion. The wall is actually flat.



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