Saint Bernard Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Saint Bernard Dog breed


Cute Saint Bernard PuppyFew dog breeds have gotten more attention in Hollywood over the years than the Saint Bernard. In both movies and on television, this is a breed that has become known for its loving nature and its somewhat different attitude on life. For those dog lovers looking for a very large addition to the home, the Saint Bernard breed is a perfect choice. Only certain families are equipped to handle such a commitment, however.

The Saint Bernard is one of the oldest breeds of dog, as it seems to have been around forever. Since as early as 980, people have been loving Saint Bernard puppies for their kind and calm nature. Though its facial expression might make this dog look like it is in a sad mood, Saint Bernards are actually very happy animals. They are patient dogs that can almost be like a third parent around the house. As such, they have a unique ability to look after children in a way that few other breeds can duplicate. The Saint Bernard breed needs your love and your constant attention, though, as they are not pleased with being left to their own devices.

One aspect of the breed that draws many dog owners is the fact that they are wonderful watch dogs. If you strive to get protection out of your pet, then this is a good choice. In addition to that, the Saint Bernard breed is one that has always had a great nose for danger and has always been used in search and rescue missions. Owning one of these gentle giants is like having another alarm system around the house.

When training Saint Bernard puppies, owners must be sure to use a gentle voice. Some dogs respond well to harsh training, but this is not one of them. These dogs will look to please, but they will not be happy if you give any indication of anger. This can cause them to stop listening and shut down. You must take great care to introduce the Saint Bernard breed to other dogs at a very young age, so it will get used to playing in a manner that is not too rough. Otherwise, they will never learn their own strength and can become dangerous when they are full grown.

Saint Bernard puppies have always been a great addition to the home. In addition to being stars on the silver screen, they have provided security and love to homes for centuries.

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  1. Saint Bernards are so adorable and very fluffy. All my friends there horrible but I think there so so cute. I also like them because there rescue dogs and they help people and that is a good thing aint it?

    from Geri xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey, i luv st. bernards. i have one that is part st.bernard and part australian sheperd:) he is only about a year and a half old and he waieghs 95lbs!!!! he is so playful though he likes to wrestle with our golden retriever:)

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