Dalmatian Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Dalmatian Dog breed

Cute Dalmatian Puppy As the subject of a popular movie and the cause of fireman lore, the Dalmatian is one of the most famous breeds of dog in the United States. Dalmatians puppies are gorgeous animals that are capable of doing lots of things. Older Dalmatians have a characteristic look with lots of black spots dotting a white coat. This isn’t the case for Dalmatian puppies, which are born with a completely white coat and develop their spots later in life.

Beyond their gorgeous looks and the stories which they have inspired, Dalmatians make great pets, as well. They have imposing size, incredible stamina, and they are excellent guard dogs. These things combine to make the Dalmatian a good choice for police and fire work, but it also makes a great pet. Though you might not be putting out any fires, it is nice to have an imposing physical dog around the house.

Dalmatians are easily excited, extremely loyal, and they have propensity for action. These dogs never like a dull moment. Instead, they would rather stay active for long periods of time. That doesn’t always mean that you have to be at the center of the action, though. Dalmatians are masters of finding their own means of entertainment, especially when left to roam in a large yard.

Dalmatians do well with other dogs and can sometimes take on the protector role for younger dogs. Sometimes, they can be aggressive towards another dog if that dog poses an immediate threat. Most of the time, they play nice, though. As far as kids go, Dalmatians are not great dogs to have around young kids. Along with their energy comes a rambunctious nature that can sometimes knock down a kid. They do well with older kids who know how to handle a dog.

Dalmatians suffer from extreme separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. They can sometimes become very disruptive if left without games or attention. They will find a way to entertain themselves in an effort to take their minds off of being lonely. If this is in a house, then it can cause some pretty expensive problems.

Dalmatians are excellent pets for people who have the capability of handling them. They are not recommended for novice dog owners, however.

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  1. I had a male dal that lived 15 years. I got him (from a kennel of championship dals) just before I started my family. He helped us raise our 4 boys…always putting on the brakes when the babies were around. He was very gentle as they climbed all over him, rode him like a horse, and pulled his ears and tail. I’ve had dogs all my life (currently have two mixed breeds). He was the BEST dog of all I have known. I have been unable to get another Dal, its been 10 years and is still too painful. If you are active, love to jog, and have time to devote to an animal…I highly recommend sharing your life with a Dalmatian.

  2. I currently own a female Dalmatian that I use as a therapy dog! She is three years old, and has been a therapy dog for two years. I just love her to pieces. She is so loving and obedient. I also have a black labador that is the same age, and into the therapy work. My Dal will visit bed -side, to bed-side, in a large hospital. She goes up to four hours at a time, just giving love. She is also great with other dogs. My dogs are my best friends.

  3. i have a dalmatian right now that is around 11 + years old i have had her for so long i love her n cant imagine life without her shes just great n gorgeous n the most liked n well known dog in the neighborhood she lets everyone pet her!! lol shes my heart n soul

  4. i am sitting on edge of sofa cause my big mate has decided its time for a wee sleep after all its his sofa and he likes to stretch oot .but when he,s feelin sookie he lets me sit on it so he can coorie in with me .his name is bob he,s 13years old. but you forgot to say that dals actualy smile when you come home oh and by the way they dont all have black spots the big the man,s are brown but just like a tipicult dal he likes to different

  5. I am a service connected disabled vet and recieved a dalmation puppy from my old nieghbor when I was temporaly paralized and stuck in a wheel chair from my lower back (service injury) about 12 years ago.
    She quickly became the focus of my independence. She loved me unconditionaly and needed walking and excercise witch in turn drove me to my feet with a walker and eventualy to a cane. After many surgeries I am able to walk again and she was my biggest drive.
    She even was gealouse of my wife and would bark and growl when we cuddled.
    in 05 she developed Diabeaties and went blind. She now was disabled and dependent on me. I loved her dearly and for five years gave her insuline shots 3 times a day.
    She passed away 2 years ago in my arms during the night. I still morn her loss to this day. She was to me, the best dog I ever owned. Her name was Lucky and I think I was the lucky one to have experienced such devotion from a dog and the way she loved to cuddle with me when ever I felt down.
    I know I can never afford another and was lucky someone gave her to me. For the love of my dog LUCKY, god bless you and keep you and I will always remeber you.

  6. I want to know is this fierce dog with strangers?
    Is it a good guard dog?
    You could easily trained?

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