Dalmatian Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Dalmatian Dog breed


Cute Dalmatian PuppyDalmatian puppies have long been the subject of firefighter lore and many dog owners love them as a pet. The Dalmatian breed itself is a very aggressive one, so not every homeowner is well suited to own one. Their beauty and reputation have made them a popular pick over the years, though. For some, their temperament is a turn off, though.

Dalmatians have been around as long as time, or so it would seem. They are one of the most ancient breeds, as history cites them as strong guard dogs for some of the oldest English leaders. It is that part of their personality that makes them a popular pick for some dog owners. Dalmatian puppies are fiercely loyal from an early age. As soon as they discover who their master is, they will spare no expense to protect that person from harm or imminent danger.

The Dalmatian breed is one that will work and hunt relentlessly. They grow to be medium sized by dog standards, but are extremely strong and athletic in both appearance and build. This allows Dalmatian puppies to do things that many dogs could only dream of doing.

When you bring home a Dalmatian puppy, it expects to be your companion for life. This natural characteristic of the Dalmatian breed is something that has characterized them for eternity. They thrive off of the friendship that they develop with everyone in their household. Though many of their actions might make it seem like the Dalmatian breed is a strong, insensitive one, many owners find that their dogs have a soft side. If left alone or unattended for extended periods of time, Dalmatians can suffer from separation anxiety.

One negative of this breed is the fact that it has many health problems which can arise during its lengthy life. Like most large dog breeds, Dalmatian puppies are prone to hip dysplasia. The Dalmatian breed is also known to suffer from other, more serious things, though. These conditions include blindness, deafness, kidney problems, and quite a few more. Because of this, only owners who are prepared to take their Dalmatian to the vet routinely should consider owning this dog.

When put in the right situation, this dog can be a strong companion for the entire family. Though their health problems and occasional misguided aggression make them a risky choice, the love and protection that they provide can serve to mitigate those other characteristics.

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