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Funny English Mistakes From around the World

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Funny Quizzes

Based on Real English Mistakes

Everyone learning a new language will make many mistakes.  This is a natural, necessary part of the learning process.

One of my students had a great way of looking at mistakes.  She said that anyone trying to learn English probably has to make about half a million mistakes before becoming basically fluent. So every time she makes a mistake, she thinks “That’s great! That’s one less mistake I have to make in my future.  That’s one step closer to becoming fluent!”

So mistakes are NOT a bad thing.  They are chances to learn more.  We all know we can learn from our own mistakes. But if we pay attention, we can also learn from the mistakes of other people.

Can you remember hearing or reading any funny mistakes from people learning your language? The questions in these two quizzes contain real mistakes from people not yet fluent in English.The first quiz is based on actual student mistakes and the second quiz is based on real mistakes found on English signs that people have seen throughout the world.

These fun, challenging quizzes can help you become more aware of some of the kinds of mistakes people learning English might make.They can also help you begin to develop skills to notice and correct your own mistakes.

And if you already speak English well,they can
still be educational and fun.

Fun English Quizzes: Instructions

(Please read carefully)

For each mistake, there are two multiple choice questions: 
The first question asks you to try to understand what the
person ACCIDENTALLY ACTUALLY said, NOT what they
were TRYING to say. 

The second question asks you to guess what the
person was TRYING to say.

Read each mistake carefully, and see if you can understand
why some people might think the mistake sounds funny.


Quiz 1

 Actual Student Mistakes

Quiz 2

 Real Signs from 
Around the World

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