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Here are some of the best pictures of Paris Hilton:(We wanted to include a few Paris Hilton videos, but we couldn’t find any appropriate vids for a family site)



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  1. how can anyone like her? she is only famous cause of those vids, she isnt anywhere even close to good looking and the only reason she got singing and acting contracts is cause she did the dirty with the ppl and their kids to get them….she isnt talented on anything other than a certain males muscle and thats just because of practice, i only saw house of wax for one reason and that was to see her die :)….anyone that is idolizes her should take a good long hard look at their own life and really think about who actually deserves to have a fan, sure as hell not the celebrities that dont do anything for anyone, look at the elderly and find one that has done something great for the world in their youth or better yet find a lonely elderly person and just be nice and hang out with them, that would make the last few years of life they have good and you would be doing something that others could admire, rather than sucking male muscles and making videos about it….then getting sent to jail for a few weeks for actually doing something wrong and complaining and getting out early….lol, re-posting because the other post will probably be deleted for strong language lol

  2. To you 2 who say we wish we were Paris probably wish they were Paris themselves.Ok,first of all,Paris Hilton isn’t talented.Saying Paris is talented is like saying Paris Hilton isn’t a hoe.She sheds too much clothing in movies and for those of you who say she is “talented”,taking most of her clothes off in a movie is the most talented thing people can think of that she did.Don’t say anything about me wanting to be Paris because I actually keep my clothes on.Nicole Richie is so much better because she keeps her clothes on too.

  3. Yeah okay “Nicole Richie”. The people who are talking smack about Paris are probably talking smack because they don’t like her. Not because they want to be her! Paris Hilton isn’t bad or anything,but she really isn’t talented. Well yeah she is in movies,but in most of them she can’t keep her clothes on.

  4. ‘Nicole Richie’ we really don’t care about Paris, and you are defintley a fake. Who cares if they hate on Paris? I mean c’mon what’s not to hate about her? She has no talent and really the only reason she has all this in the first place is because of her dad. I really don’t understand why she has so much fans because there is nothing to idolize about her, all she does is take off her clothes and try and act sexy, she has a new man on her arm every month, and there is nothing special about her. I really don’t see what some of you people see in her. Also, there is no good pictures of Paris because she’s ugly, and don’t even bother saying I’m jealous and I just want to be Paris and all that, because I really don’t. I hate her and I really don’t want to be here because I love my own life and I wouldn’t want to have her life or look like her or be like her taking off my clothes all the time or having a new man all the time. Okay, so whatever.

    Bye, CN;; x

  5. I cant believe you guys are talking about me like that! You guys are just jelouse that i am good looking, and you guys are assholes. you wish you were me. thats why you talk about me this way.

    P.S: i’m hot, your not!

  6. Paris Hilton is a spoiled brat with an IQ slightly above sandwich-bread and damn lucky she’s got a rich dad. Otherwise she’d be noticed nowhere, besides being fired at McDonalds maybe.

  7. Paris Hilton is so ugly, her lips look like Vienna Sausages and her body looks like a rubber band. UGH! Why does ANYONE even take a picture of her? Please…bring on Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, and Megan Fox…why are you wasting cyber-space making us look at Paris Hilton?

  8. paris hilton is a royal bitch!! she is a spoiled person that expects everyone to kneel at her and kiss her shoes!! AINT GONNA HAPPEN HERE LUV!!!

  9. paris is a spoiled bithc and should not be allowed to do what she does!!! anyone who likes her need to die(sorry but true) shes only what she is because shes a daddys girl and expects her daddy to get her out of trouble!!

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